Land-Grant HBCU Article in Forbes

Why Congress Should Give $1.5 Billion To Historically Black Colleges And Universities

April 24, 2020

Article in Forbes that can be accessed here.

This is where two “rights” can clearly overcome the wrongs associated with historical under-funding of HBCUs and the present racial disparities connected to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Land “Grab” Universities Article in Forbes

The Original Sin Of Our Nation’s First Public Universities

April 20, 2020

Article in Forbes can be accessed here.

“Recognition of the coercive and often violent activities underlying the creation of the land-grant universities over a century and a half ago certainly is challenging. There are many issues and concerns, including questions about what should be done to make amends.”


Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

With Students Gone, College Towns Are In Crisis Mode

April 15, 2020 article in Forbes Magazine

“Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, those campuses and communities that actively collaborated always fared better than those who did not. Like a marriage, it takes two partners to make a relationship thrive. Now, however, campuses and communities more likely will need each other’s help to simply survive.”

Book Review: Land-Grant Universities for the Future

Robert Peterson, faculty member at Utah State University, has just published a very positive review of the Land-Grant Universities for the Future book. From the review:
“This book confirms the land-grant university mission and emphasizes the individual responsibility mandated to serve those we influence. This includes all residents in the communities within our service area. Engagement with neighbors, civic leaders, businesses, education institutions, and any other interested community partners, should all be recognized and listened to.”