Videos and Podcasts

Spring Semester 2020: New Course on Land-Grant Mission and Leadership

The introductory video for my new Land-Grant Course is now open for viewing!

Check it out here.

10/22/19 Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

The video of Dr. Stephen M. Gavazzi’s keynote address at the Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference — held at Utah State University — was posted here.

Being responsive to the communities we serve is paramount for land-grant institutions to be successful in the future, which necessitates becoming more fiercely land-grant in our approach. There is a critical importance of elevating both teaching and engagement excellence. For far too long, both components have been relegated to secondary roles in comparison to research prowess.


9/25/19 Higher Education Insider Podcast


Travis Smith sat down with The Ohio State University professor and author Stephen Gavazzi to discuss history and current issues facing land grant universities and college athletics. The podcast can be heard here.



5/7/19 Washington State University Land-Grant Symposium

The keynote address that I gave on the Washington State University campus of Pullman, WA was live-streamed and can be seen here. Also on this YouTube link are the other events of the day, including three panels that discussed teaching, research, and community engagement activities undertaken by WSU faculty, staff, and students.

5/16/19 Steve Gavazzi presentation at Kentucky State University (with introduction by President Chris Brown)

The presentation I did at Kentucky State University is now available here. Particular emphasis is placed on the necessity of 1862 and 1890 land-grant institutions partnering together to better serve the needs of states.


4/11/19 Podcast from Higher Ed Social: Steve Gavazzi and the Story Behind Land-Grant Universities

The podcast I did with Jackie Vetrano and Lougan Bishop on Higher Ed Social just posted on as well as on Google Play and Apple Podcasts.

We primarily talked about landgrant universities and my Johns Hopkins University Press book with West Virginia University president E. Gordon Gee, but also covered the college rankings and their negative impact on higher education.


1/23/19 Podcast from Mission Daily (Episode 189): The People’s University with Steve Gavazzi

Do you know what a land-grant university is? We didn’t either, so we invited on Steve Gavazzi.

Steve (Twitter: @StephenMGavazzi) is a professor at The Ohio State University and co-author of the book Land Grant Universities For the Future; Higher Education For the Public Good. In this episode, Mission Daily producer Hilary Giorgi sits down with Steve. They discuss how land-grant universities have been slowly moving away from their original mission as a university for the people, and how we can direct them back towards that goal.


12/26/18 Interview with Land Grant Universities for the Future Co-Author E. Gordon Gee

This interview with West Virginia University president E. Gordon Gee discusses the new Johns Hopkins University Press book on land-grant institutions. This interview primarily discusses the role that governing board members, faculty, and students play in the 21st century land-grant mission.



11/2/18 Interview with Steve Gavazzi: Land-Grant Universities Need to Go Back to Their Roots

Ohio State News

 Stephen M. Gavazzi, professor of human development and family science in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University, co-authored a new book about land-grant universities with president E. Gordon Gee of West Virginia University. The book, “Land-Grant Universities for the Future: Higher Education for the Common Good,” examines present challenges to and future opportunities for these institutions. Drawing on interviews with 27 college presidents and chancellors, Gavazzi and Gee explore the strengths and weaknesses of land-grant universities while examining the changing threats they face.