D State LGUs

Delaware 1862 Land-Grant Institution: University of Delaware

http://www.udel.edu @UDelaware

 The University of Delaware traces its founding to 1743 when the “Free School” was opened in New London, PA (Delaware was a Pennsylvania colony until 1776). The school changed names and locations several times, including the Academy of Newark (1769), Newark College (1833), and Delaware College (1843). Closed in 1859, the school reopened in 1870 due to passage of the Morrill Act, and in 1921 it was renamed the University of Delaware.

President: Dennis Assanis assumed the presidency of the University of Delaware in 2016. He holds four degrees from the land-grant institution the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: M.S. in naval architecture and marine engineering; M.S. in mechanical engineering; M.S. in management; and Ph.D. in power and propulsion.




Delaware 1890 Land-Grant Institution: Delaware State University

 https://www.desu.edu @DelStateUniv

The Delaware College for Colored Students was founded in 1891. Its name was changed to the State College for Colored Students in 1893, and then changed again to Delaware State College in 1947 before receiving its present name of Delaware State University in 1993.

President: Wilma Mishoe began serving as interim president of Delaware State University in 2018. Dr. Mishoe is the first offspring of a former Delaware State University president (Luna Mishoe, who was president from 1960-1987) to serve in the same leadership position.

District of Columbia 1890 Land-Grant Institution: University of the District of Columbia

 https://www.udc.edu @UDC_edu

The University of the District of Columbia was founded in 1851 as the Normal School for Colored Girls, and subsequently was renamed the Miner Normal School in 1879. It coexisted alongside the Washington Normal School, which was established in 1873 and renamed the Wilson Normal School in 1913. These segregated schools were merged in 1955 and named the District of Columbia Teachers College. Two additional schools – Federal City College and the Washington Technical Institute – were opened in 1968 as the result of the District of Columbia Public Education Act. A merger of all three institutions into what is now known as the University of the District of Columbus occurred in 1977. Finally, in 1996 the District of Columbia School of Law was brought under the administrative umbrella of the University of the District of Columbia.

President: Ronald Mason was appointed president of the University of the District of Columbia in 2015. Previously to this position, Mr. Mason was president of the Southern University and A&M College System, a collection of five HBCU campuses. @udc_pres