O State LGUs

Ohio’s 1862 Land-Grant Institution: The Ohio State University

https://www.osu.edu @OhioState

Founded in 1870 as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. In 1878, the Ohio legislature changed the school’s name to “The Ohio State University,” with “The” as part of its official title.

President: Michael V. Drake, MD was named president of The Ohio State University in 2014. President Drake is the first medical doctor and the first African American to lead this land-grant university. Previously, Dr. Drake served as chancellor of the University of California, Irvine campus and as the vice president for health affairs for the University of California system. @OSUPrezDrake

 Ohio’s 1890 Land-Grant Institution: Central State University

 https://www.centralstate.edu @CentralState87

Founded in 1897 as a two-year normal and industrial department funded by the state of Ohio but located within Wilberforce University, a private HBCU owned and operated by the African Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1941, the department adopted curriculum that expanded its offerings as a four-year program emphasizing teacher education. In 1947, the department was separated from Wilberforce University, and in 1951 was renamed as Central State College. In 1965, it was renamed Central State University. In 2014, Central State was designated an 1890 land-grant institution by the federal government.

President: Cynthia Jackson Hammond was named president of Central State University in 2012. President Jackson Hammond is a product of the HBCU system, including having received both her doctoral degree in education and her undergraduate degree from Grambling State University. @CSUPrezHammond

Oklahoma’s 1862 Land-Grant Institution: Oklahoma State University

https://go.okstate.edu @okstate

Founded in 1890 as the Oklahoma Territorial Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) College. Upon statehood in 1907, “Territorial” was dropped from its title. In 1957, the school changed its name to Oklahoma State University of Agricultural and Applied Sciences.  In 1980, “Agricultural & Applied Sciences” was formally dropped, and the Oklahoma State University System was created. The Stillwater campus was designated as the flagship institution alongside branches including OSU-Institute of Technology in Okmulgee , OSU-Oklahoma City,  OSU-Tulsa (1984), and the Center for Health Sciences (also in Tulsa).

President: V. Burns Hargis became the president of Oklahoma State University in 2008. The land-grant background of President Hargis includes his having received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Oklahoma State. @burnshargis



Oklahoma’s 1890 Land-Grant Institution: Langston University

 http://www.langston.edu  @LangstonU

Founded in 1897 as the Oklahoma Colored Agricultural and Normal University. In 1941, the school was renamed Langston University in honor of civil rights pioneer John Mercer Langston.

President: Kent J. Smith, Jr. became the president of Langston University in 2012. President Smith’s land-grant credentials include his having been the dean of students at the land-grant institution Auburn University, the assistant director of black student services at the land-grant institution Colorado State University (where he also received his doctorate in education and human resources studies), and both a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in education administration and supervision from the land-grant institution Southern University and A&M College. @LUPrez16



Oklahoma’s 1994 Land-Grant Institution: College of the Muscogee Nation


Established in 2004 by an act of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council. In 2009, Muscogee (Creek) citizens voted in support of the College of the Muscogee Nation becoming a constitutional college. The college is a member of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, and was designated as a 1994 Land-Grant institution in the 2014 Farm Bill.

President: The president of the College of the Muscogee Nation is Robert Bible.





Oregon’s 1862 Land-Grant Institution: Oregon State University

https://oregonstate.edu @OregonState

Founded in 1868 as the Corvallis State Agricultural College, although its earlier roots include ties to the Corvallis Academy (founded in 1856) and Corvallis College (founded in 1858). The school experienced several additional renaming events, including Oregon State Agricultural College (1882), State Agricultural College of Oregon (1886), Oregon Agricultural College (1890), Oregon State Agricultural College (1927), Oregon State College (1937), and then finally Oregon State University in 1961.

President: Ed Ray became president of Oregon State University in 2003. Prior to his presidency, Dr. Ray held various positions at The Ohio State University, including stints as provost (1998-2003), associate provost (1992-1993), economics department chair (1976-1992), and regular faculty member (1970-1976).