A. Servo Calibration and Use

Purpose: To test how a servo can influence the function of the AEV and determine its benefits of use.

Process:   Note: In parentheses represents our choices.

  1. Choose an intended use for a servo. (A braking system)
  2. Record data on how the current AEV design functions without a servo, and its intended use.
  3. Develop and upload code for the function of this intended use. (Code)
  4. Incorporate the servo into the current design of the AEV.
  5. Run any feasible safety tests on this change in design off the ceiling mounted tracks.
  6. Test the function of this design, both on and off the tracks.
  7. Record differences between the function of the AEV design with and without a servo, and its intended use.
  8. Conclude with the team’s decision on using a servo. (See conclusion)

Result: The brake has proved to be incredibly beneficial as the AEV stopping rate has decreased from roughly 7.5 seconds all the way down to nearly instantly.

Conclusion: The team decided to use the servo in the AEV design.