Performance Test 1:

This test used a temporary design that we were using for AR&D testing that implemented propellers. It featured the large base of the Group Design, but lacked the second arm and had propellers in the back. The code we used had the AEV run to a certain number of marks before reversing the motors to slow down its velocity. This allowed us to have a controlled coast into the gate and not pass the second sensor. This allowed us to get a perfect score.


Performance Test 2:

This test implemented the final design with the direct drive wheel. The AEV would go forward until a certain amount of marks, where the motors would stop and brake almost immediately within the sensors. After waiting 10 seconds the AEV would continue down to the caboose to attach to it and start moving back. Our first run of this test the wheel popped off, so we fixed it and came back with slightly adjusted code for the second run, in which it went slightly too far and stopped the gate from opening. On our last attempt the AEV made it all the way through the gate and picked up the caboose, but attached too forcefully, causing us to lose a few points. This was later remediated in the code.


Final Performance Test

For the final test our final design was not present, so we borrowed Group D’s AEV. We uploaded our code to the AEV, and made some changes after a couple of test runs. For the final test the AEV was able to get to the gate correctly, but was short to the caboose. Carrying the caboose back to the gate the AEV was short, and was moving too fast after the gate and hit the wall. Points were deducted for being short to the caboose, short back to the gate, and hitting the wall. We gave Group D their AEV back after the final test.