The city of Columbus was given a grant to become a “smart city”. After additional funding our company was hired to help the Transportation Department. We were tasked to create an Advanced Energy Vehicle (AEV) to help transport citizens from Linden to Easton and Polaris. This model AEV will be constructed out of Erector sets, and programmed with an Arduino board and code. It will be coded to run on batteries on a monorail system.

Our problem is that we need to be able to move our AEV from one side of the track to another, going across two inclines in the process. In between these two inclines there is a gate that the AEV needs to stop at to allow it to raise. At the other end of the track is a loading zone, where the AEV will pick up its passengers. A successful run will be able to take this load back to its starting point, while stopping at the gate on its way back.

Costs will be incurred during the construction, testing, and running of the AEV. We were given a budget of $500k to spend to develop and run the AEV successfully. Costs will be dependent heavily on how many test runs are done, and the performance of the AEV for those runs. The less efficient the AEV is, the more it costs. Any safety hazards will add to those costs.




Team Working Agreement

Ohio State Engineering
First-Year Engineering (Spring 2019)
Team-Working Agreement
Created 2/21/19. Revised 2/21/19
Group Information
Lab Section 9553
Table B
Dr. Busick
Nicolas Fernandez
Contact Information

Preferred Means of Communication: Text

Expected Response Times: Within 4 hours


Name                        Phone Number                         Email

Elijah Yates             614-701-6171                             yates.281@osu.edu

John Bonds III        773-633-5623                           bonds.20@osu.edu

Ian Dye                    937-309-9658                           dye.236@osu.edu

Ben Freeman          440-371-6416                            freeman.742@osu.edu


Team Goal

Our goal is to develop an energy efficient AEV for the city of Columbus and their SmartCity initiative. To do this we will put effort into our designs and work, communicate to each other and with the city board to ensure the quality of our work and make sure we meet all of the requirements for the project. Each individual will do their part and contribute to what we have determined needs to be done for that week. Through dividing the work so each person can contribute to the whole and frequent meetings we hope to build a suitable AEV.



Current plans are to meet at least once a week in addition to time during the labs. This will generally take place on Thursday at 1:00pm in Hitchcock 316. If necessary other meetings can be scheduled if a member feels the need to work on something as a group any other day. Since our group has one less member than usual if an extra meeting is scheduled that meeting is mandatory. All meetings besides Thursdays need to be scheduled at least a day in advanced to make sure members can attend. If a meeting is planned that a member can’t make it is on that member to finish their role outside of the meeting.


General Team Member Expectations

Attendance to labs and scheduled meetings are mandatory. At any of these meetings members are expected to pay attention to the current task that has been presented (with any and all members responsible for remaining on task).  Any preparation for those labs (or nay assigned to be done before the next meeting) are to be done on time and with effort. Documentation will be shared via google drive and/or osu email. If any teammate doesn’t understand something about the assignment he should contact the others for help. A failure to uphold any of these requirements will result in a conversation with the instructional staff.


Individual Responsibilities

Responsibilities are permanent unless a member requests for a change, in which case the team will discuss and then edit this document.

John is to attend the R&D Committee Meeting. Responsible for overall design of AEV and the concept screening of the final design.

Elijah is to attend the HR Committee Meeting. In charge of planning team meetings, and making sure everyone stays on task.

Ian is to attend the PR Committee Meeting. In charge of overall structure and content of the website.


Conflict Resolution

Team members are to uphold each other to finish their work, otherwise the team will discuss any issues among themselves and resolve it. Resolution might involve changing roles/reassignment of work, setting up more meetings, or any other action we might deem necessary. If the issue can’t be resolved, or if it persists, the team will report to the instructional staff for help.


Expectations of Faculty and GTA’s

If a team member fails to live up to this agreement, the situation may be reported to the staff, but the team will still be responsible for submitting a completed assignment. Staff will be available to meet with teams to resolve issues.
 – Ian Dye
 – Elijah Yates
 – John Bonds III
 – Benjamin Freeman