iv. Data and Data Analysis

Performance 1 data:

Time vs Voltage for Performance Test

Time vs Distance for Performance Test

For further investigation into the data, the raw data is provided below:

performance_analysis_1-20d56fp (1)-1wwxn1y

Battery Testing Data:

Each test started at a Voltage of 8.6 V and as the variables changed in either time or power percentage, so did the final reading of volts.

Power Percentage Used vs Voltage for a constant 15 seconds.

Time AEV Ran vs Voltage for a constant 15% power


As the data shows, the AEV could consistently save more power when the AEV runs for a longer period of time but with a shorter power percentage.

Propellor Testing Data

Percent Power vs Distance for each different configuration tested.

Power Breaking Data

Graph 3: The stopping distance for multiple deceleration loops at 15% power.