i. Individual Responsibilities Agreement

The Ohio State University
First Year Engineering
Team Working Agreement

Team Working Agreement

Spring 2019
Created on January 21,2019


Team Information

  • Lab Section 9553
  • Table A
  • Dr. Busick
  • Nicolas Fernandez

Contact Information

  • Preferred Method of Communication: Texts in the Team Group Chat
  • Must Respond within 8 Hours Unless Otherwise Specified


Grace Oswald 410-474-3517 Oswald.111@osu.edu
William Crump 248-808-3121 Crump.64@osu.edu
Xinyu Fang      614-592-2976 Fang.623@osu.edu
Bartolomeus Namora 206-487-6210 Namora.1@osu.edu

Team Goals

  • Everything will be done to the best quality that it can be.
  • If an individual team member has questions regarding how to accomplish their task, they should ask the rest of the team. If the team can not figure it out they will ask the instructor.
  • If an individual can not complete an assignment, they will inform the rest of the team in time for it to be completed by the others.


  • We will meet as often as we feel necessary in order to accomplish our goals.
  • If an individual feels that a team meeting is necessary, they will inform the team in time for them to plan the meeting.
  • No meetings, unless absolutely necessary, will last after 11 pm.
  • The team members will alternate on who takes the meeting notes after every meeting, as well as who fills out the progress reports. The same person will not be responsible for both.
  • If the meeting becomes sidetracked, it is the responsibility of the group as a whole to recognize this and reset the course of the action.

General Team Member Expectations

  • If a team member is not able to come to class or a meeting, they must inform the team in advance and have a reasonable explanation.
  • All tasks should be completed at least 12 hours in advance so that other team members can check it if they feel the need to.
  • No phones during class unless an individual’s assigned task is completed.