ii. The General Plan

In general, Group A will follow the below protocol to code, design and create their AEV:

  • All members of the group will know at least the basics of coding the Adrino chip to account for any illnesses that may occur later on in the semester.
  • Because Xinyu and Bartolomeus are both aspiring mechanical engineers, their main task will be to design and fabricate the AEV, with input from Grace and Will.
  • Will and Grace will be responsible for creating the code that will be executed by the AEV. They will also explain the code to Xinyu and Bartolomeus in case they both get sick or, for some other reason, can not come to a class or a meeting.
  • Out of the two pairs listed above, whichever person in each pair is doing less of the creation work on any given meeting day will be tasked with managerial jobs such as updating the meeting notes or refining the website.
  • If the team is feeling behind at any point in time, a member can request to meet outside of class and a time and place will be established.


Schedule for Advanced Research and Development

By: The end of 02/ 22/ 2019 lab

Select which people will be discussing which topics in the committee meetings and determine which aspects of research each group will complete.

By: The end of 03/01/ 2019 lab

Complete one aspect of research and development assigned to group A and collect data from the other groups about their first completed R & D module.

By: The end of 03/04/ 2019 lab

Complete the other aspect of research and development assigned to group A and collect the data from the other groups about their second completed R& D module.

By: The end of 03/06/2019 lab

Begin working on the second report of progress and decide if any of the non-completed modules of research and development will drastically affect the AEV. If they will, try to test them completely.

By: The end of 03/08/2019 lab

Finish the progress report and have it fine tuned and submitted.

By: The end of 03/20/2019 lab

Complete performance test one with the main goal of getting the AEV through the stop sign before the gate.

By: The end of 3/22/2019 lab

Complete the oral presentation to the company regarding R&D to present your data to the company and allow them to interpret your data in a way that will be useful for them to implement into their AEV.


Schedule of Final Month of Testing

By: The end of 04/05/2019 

Complete a successful connection between the AEV and the caboose where the AEV will also have enough power to pull the caboose back.

By: The end of 04/12/2019 lab

Complete the three tests for final performance test as well as finish the coding for bringing the AEV back to the loading dock.