iii. Sales Pitch

Our AEV is a compact, environmentally friendly, efficient, and consistent way of transporting people through the outskirts of Columbus. In order to test for this, the team testing different effects of power and time on the battery voltage as well as how to properly position propellers in order make the ride down the track as efficient as possible and save as much energy as possible. The consistency from our design comes from the ability for the AEV to reverse directions instantly to create a faster breaking system, allowing the AEV to arrive at the destination in a timely manner and to stop it in an orderly fashion.

What truly separates us from the competition is the compact design we have created. After running many tests and shifting from one design to another, we finally reached a design that not only balances on the track, but also does not require as many parts as other designs and furthermore creating a lightweight AEV. The fact that our AEV is compact, environmentally friendly, efficient, and consistent allows for smooth transportation to the people of Columbus.