Group E

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Welcome to the website for Group E.


The group will develop and program a prototype AEV to transport people from Linden to Easton and Polaris.  The AEV will be autonomous, electric-powered and travel suspended from a monorail system. The group will complete several deliverables and submit them to the Smart City Columbus Grant Staff.

Sales Pitch

Team E’s AEV design provides a consistent, safe, reliable, and efficient method of transportation for the mission. To do so the team’s design makes use of push and pull methodology and a servo motor braking system, both of which provide the AEV with an energy efficient and effective means of accomplishing the set prototype goals. All of the teams tasked by the City of Columbus to design prototypes for a smarter city where asked to create a consistent and working design.

Unlike the competition, team E’s design provides a method of transportation that commits to its travel route and uses a brake that allows for the prototype to stop when necessary for the safety of passengers on the track. With the added risks from slopes a braking system can allow for the AEV to stop where necessary, and without the risks and costs associated with power braking.

Page Guide

  1. Design Process
    1. Approach to AEV
    2. Key Area
    3. Design Plans
    4. Data Analysis
    5. Evolution of Design
    6. Progress Reports
  2. Arduino Code
    1. Preliminary R&D
    2. Advanced R&D
    3. Performance Test 1
    4. Performance Test 2
    5. Final Test
  3. Advanced R&D
    1. Servo Calibration and Use
    2. Push and Pull
    3. Power Consumption with Additional Weight
  4. Performance Results
    1. Performance Test 1
    2. Performance Test 2
    3. Final Performance Test
  5. Contact Information