Host a Successful Conference Call

The experience of being in a conference call will settle any doubts you have that a significantly large portion of communication is in fact, non-verbal. Exhibit A: this video…

The situation of bringing in a group of people of various tech savvyness and state of mind in a virtual environment pretty much creates a recipe for disaster…but there are things you can do to make your session successful. There are three parts to a successful conference call: technology, content, and Continue reading

Record Powerpoint w/ Quicktime Player on Mac

Quicktime Player Screen Recording windowMost people just use Quicktime Player to watch videos, but did you know it can also make videos?The program comes free on Mac computers, and I just tested out its screen recording capabilities. Easy peasy and exports excellent quality video! Complete instructions are available online under “Record Your Screen.” To record a Powerpoint presentation for instance… Continue reading

Making a Video @ OSU

My grade school teachers always said, “For every person who raises their hand, there are probably 10 people who have the same question.” So when 3 different people in a week emailed me asking how to make a video, it’s time to write an article for you all!


  • Zoom out and think about the arrangements you’ll need to make. Read 12 Steps to Making a Video.
  • Create a storyboard or some sort of simple outline of your video as a whole. This is essentially a map of your video, and will guide you in deciding what you need to shoot and record. Continue reading

9 Steps to a Successful Video Assignment

You wouldn’t assign a lab report without having written one, so why assign a video without having created one? How would you go about answering students’ questions? How would you advise on structure, content, format, and citing? How would you know what expectations are reasonable, how much time to allot, what resources to recommend, your criteria for grading?

iMovie window with video and audio content

I get a lot of questions from instructors who want to assign a video project, sometimes even making it an option in lieu of a final exam or paper. Often, the instructor has never made his own video, let alone one with the requirements he’s asking for. If that’s you, I’m not saying you can’t be successful; it’ll just take some thoughtful preparation on your part to create an environment that provides your students with technical support, clear expectations, and fair grading. Continue reading

12 Steps to Making a Video

Man behind a video cameraStarting a video project can be overwhelming. Who do you need to call? What will you have to buy? To borrow? What do you do once you have your footage? Every project will have different needs depending on the nature of the production, but you can follow this basic outline to help you plan your video, gather your resources, and manage your time.

  1. Generate story idea
  2. Create script Continue reading