Save or Transfer an iMovie Project

Although iMovie makes it easy for beginners to create a movie, saving a copy of the project to keep with you or open on a different computer isn’t exactly intuitive.¬†This tutorial is specific to using iMovie on a computer, and does not apply to iMovie for iPhone or iPad. Instructions were written based on the assumption that the project is being saved to OR a USB drive. However, steps are the same whether you use or other cloud storage such as Google Drive, and whether you use a USB drive or other physical storage such as a portable hard drive.

Create your movie as usual. Follow the steps below to save a copy of your project. This allows you to open the project on other Macs and continue working on it next time. Continue reading Save or Transfer an iMovie Project

12 Steps to Making a Video

Man behind a video cameraStarting a video project can be overwhelming. Who do you need to call? What will you have to buy? To borrow? What do you do once you have your footage? Every project will have different needs depending on the nature of the production, but you can follow this basic outline to help you plan your video, gather your resources, and manage your time.

  1. Generate story idea
  2. Create script Continue reading 12 Steps to Making a Video