12 Steps to Making a Video

Man behind a video cameraStarting a video project can be overwhelming. Who do you need to call? What will you have to buy? To borrow? What do you do once you have your footage? Every project will have different needs depending on the nature of the production, but you can follow this basic outline to help you plan your video, gather your resources, and manage your time.

  1. Generate story idea
  2. Create script
  3. Create storyboard
  4. Plan the shoot (locations/sets, times/dates, actors/wardrobe)
  5. Gather equipment
  6. Test equipment setup before the shoot
  7. Shoot the footage needed
  8. Import video footage to computer
  9. Create, gather, and import other elements (images, soundtrack, narration, animations)
  10. Edit the video (organize/trim footage, add titles/text/credits)
  11. Export video to appropriate format
  12. Post/publish video

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