All Your Blogs in One Place

Feedly logo on green background with a smartphone, next to a table, next to a laptop screen, all showing Feedly.Do you like to read a lot of blogs or news sites, but can’t keep track of them all? If you answered yes, then I recommend you try Feedly, a feed aggregator that syncs between your computer, phone and tablet. Keep up with your favorite section of the New York Times, tickle your brain with the latest xkcd comic, and catch the latest episode of Continue reading

Host a Successful Conference Call

The experience of being in a conference call will settle any doubts you have that a significantly large portion of communication is in fact, non-verbal. Exhibit A: this video…

The situation of bringing in a group of people of various tech savvyness and state of mind in a virtual environment pretty much creates a recipe for disaster…but there are things you can do to make your session successful. There are three parts to a successful conference call: technology, content, and Continue reading