Making a Video @ OSU

My grade school teachers always said, “For every person who raises their hand, there are probably 10 people who have the same question.” So when 3 different people in a week emailed me asking how to make a video, it’s time to write an article for you all!


  • Zoom out and think about the arrangements you’ll need to make. Read 12 Steps to Making a Video.
  • Create a storyboard or some sort of simple outline of your video as a whole. This is essentially a map of your video, and will guide you in deciding what you need to shoot and record. Continue reading

Complete PDF Forms in Adobe Reader

PDF forms do funny things when you don’t open/complete them in Adobe Reader, which is free to download/install/use (or Acrobat Pro which is not free).

Red box w/ abstract, ribbonlike white A insideMac users have this problem a lot because your default setting is to open PDFs in Preview. Bad. Spend 5mins to take care of this once and for all: Continue reading