Headshot of Queenie Chow with OSU Block O logo top rightMy Name is Queenie Chow, and I work for the Office of Distance Education & eLearning at The Ohio State University. I’ve set up this blog to share useful information with the OSU community based on my own perspective and experience here. My articles are guided by my work, things I’m excited about having learned, and answers to questions that people ask me frequently. Here’s why I write what I write…


The Digital Union is a magical place where students, staff, and faculty come to get friendly 1 on 1 assistance with digital content creation.┬áIt’s a collection of five computer lab & multimedia production spaces across campus and I’m the one in charge of managing them, along with the staff who sit with you in your time of need. We help with making videos, building websites, designing posters, working with spreadsheets, formatting dissertations, and more you can learn about online. Having taught several workshops relating to multimedia production such as OSU Digital Storytelling, Digital video and image editing, creating websites in U.osu (WordPress), iPad Productivity, and Digital Presentation Techniques, I love finding new tools as well as new ways to use current tools.


The Digital Union is under the Office of Distance Education & eLearning, so my full time colleagues are the people responsible for the university’s implementation of initiatives and tools including Carmen, Secured Media Library, iTunesU, Digital Textbooks, Digital Scholarship, online course design, iPads in the classroom, U.osu, and much more! After helping people at the Digital Union and referring people to others for support for the better part of a decade, I’ve got a pretty good sense of either how to do it, or who we can connect with to figure it out.


In addition to managing a couple dozen Digital Union staff responsible for helping you navigate the waters of digital content creation, I’m an avid fanatic of programs and literature relating to personal, professional, and leadership development. I’ve been through a handful of programs like the Staff Leadership Series and Senn Delaney; I also continually keep up with blogs and new literature on leadership, creativity, psychology, and productivity. Talk to me if you want some recommendations!


It’s so important to take care of ourselves so we can live life and get things done, but also thrive in all the ways that one can be well: physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually, intellectually, etc. I’m always looking for ways to optimize my wellness in a way that integrates into my lifestyle, and love sharing some of those tips with the OSU community as a blogger and in a more official capacity as a Buckeye Wellness Innovator.