OSU’s Newest Video Studio Sneak Peek

Two men standing in front of a green screen inside a studio; a third man is behind a control panel.Here’s a sneak peek into the video studio at the upcoming Digital Union Denney Hall, one of two new DU labs set to open this Fall. We’re finishing up the install, making final adjustments, and developing training at this point. Everything is coming together and it’s all pretty hectic and exciting! We’ve designed this Continue reading

12 Steps to Making a Video

Man behind a video cameraStarting a video project can be overwhelming. Who do you need to call? What will you have to buy? To borrow? What do you do once you have your footage? Every project will have different needs depending on the nature of the production, but you can follow this basic outline to help you plan your video, gather your resources, and manage your time.

  1. Generate story idea
  2. Create script Continue reading