Ohio State Fair 4-H Contests – Open to ALL 4-H Project Members

Here are a couple of upcoming state fair events that are open to all 4-H project members that we think are great opportunities.

State Fair Communication Contest

Demonstrations can be 6 – 12 minutes in length, depending on your age, on a topic of your choice. To see all of the guidelines and requirements visit: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/Families/state_fair/Communication%20Days%20C.pdf

To qualify for the state fair you will participate in a mini-contest on July 14th during project judging. To schedule an appointment to participate visit http://go.osu.edu/projectappointment

State Fair Marketing Division: Youth may also enter items into the marketing division for the OSF. There is no pre-qualification required and all submitted entries will entered directly to the OSF competition.  See the guidelines above for the marketing division. Entries must be submitted to the Brown County Extension Office by 3:00 pm on July 14th.

Ohio State Fair Virtual Workforce Prep Contest

Interested in winning $250 at the state fair? Taking a leadership project or serving on Junior Fairboard, Junior Leaders, CARTEENS or as a Camp Counselor? Consider entering in the Virtual State Fair Workforce Prep contest. The top award in each age group wins $250 cash. This year you will register online directly for the Ohio State Fair Workforce Prep Day and complete your interview virtually. See the information on the contest at: https://ohio4h.org/sites/ohio4h/files/imce/Families/state_fair/workforce%20preparation%20c_0.pdf   and register by July 19th at: https://osu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9oCm8RfI2sLW8Z0

4-H Project Judging – Time to Schedule Appointments

Youth who are registered for special interest projects that require an interview for project judging now is the time to schedule appointments for Family and Consumer Science Project Judging (July) and to qualify for the Ohio State Fair. Details on which projects are judged when can be found on your project letters (http://brown.osu.edu/exhibitorletters). You can double-check project numbers at the top of the page to confirm.

To register for an appointment go to: http://go.osu.edu/projectappointment

Family & Consumer Sciences – this is your ONLY project judging both for state fair qualification and county placings. All youth wishing to be judged on July 14th must sign-up for a time slot by July 8th using the link above.

If you have more than one project interview to schedule you will need to complete the form for each project. Make sure as you are selecting times you are not double booking yourself. If we find an error or need to adjust times based on judges, we will contact you prior to the 14th.

For all other Special Interest projects, and the Communication Contest, judging on July 14th is to qualify for state fair only; these projects will be judged for county placings in September. 

New for 2021 – all Food and Nutrition and Clothing projects will be judged for county placings during our September 11th judging along with Officer Books, Natural Resources, Leadership, Photography, Shooting Sports, and other related projects. July judging for these projects is ONLY for state fair qualification. The link to signup for interviews for September judging will be sent closer to the date. 

Forage Fertility Research Update

Plot harvest is planned to happen in the coming days. We collected 26 samples from our soon-to-be treatment rows. The entire field has had the same seeding rate and rate of 9-23-30 fertilizer applied. Sample taken this week will be used to measure our change after multiple rates of 0-0-60 are applied late this year.

Squash Vine Borer Monitoring

Our pest monitoring continues with the addition of Squash Vine Borer traps. A local producer is working with us to monitor this pest in pumpkins and other cucurbit crops this growing season. Follow our updates at http://go.osu.edu/fieldreport

“The squash vine borer larvae tunnel into pumpkin vines causing them to wilt and eventually die. Sawdust-like frass at the base of stems indicates the presence of the borer. Once inside the vine, little can be done to control the borer. Adult moth populations should be monitored to indicate need for control. ” From: https://ipm.osu.edu/sites/ipm/files/imce/OHpumpkins.pdf

Michigan State University Fact Sheet: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/squash_vine_borer_biology_and_management