📣BIG Announcement for On-Farm Research Tour!

📣BIG Announcement for our On-Farm Research Tour with Adams Brown Clermont & Highland Farm Bureau and Ohio Soybean Council!
As if you needed another reason to come, we now have several DOOR PRIZES from our great local supporters CARRINGTON FARM SUPPLY,INC, Georgetown Farm Supply, Cherry Fork Farm Supply, and Paul Hall and Associates Insurance!! Must register by August 19th!
Don’t forget this event also includes:
🍽 Free dinner
👀 Live spray drone demo
✅ 1 hour of private pesticide category 1 recertification
🌱 OSU soybean research updates
And MUCH more! See the flyer for more details. Register by August 19th!

A.I. School at Jackson Area Research Station. Limited seats!

Are you looking to implement newer or more effective reproductive strategies to your beef or dairy cattle operation? This AI school might just be for you! It will be held at the Jackson Area Research Station on September 26-28, 2022 and has a cost of $100 per person. This school is limited to the first 20 registrations.
Printable registration form can be found here:
Informational video can be found here:


Get involved! Take the Broadband Now Survey!

OSU Extension is part of the Accelerate Broadband Pilot with the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission. All the help we can get with having local individuals take the survey below will help inform efforts to get better broadband for everyone.
Broadband Now – Take the Survey – https://connectingappalachia.org/get-involved/
In the last several years, we have learned the major importance of connecting homes and businesses to better internet services. Some communities and especially rural areas are not able to utilize the internet for distance learning, telehealth doctor visits, online sales and businesses, and other essential uses. In our region, 69% of households are unserved or underserved, with less than 25/3 download and upload speeds. There are historic opportunities to access federal and state programs to help defray the cost of building broadband infrastructure, and we want your help to understand better the existing state of broadband in our region. Please take the online survey for residential and business broadband users. Your comments will inform the development of a broadband plan of action for the region. Thank you!
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Forage Field Day

Do you have questions about your forage stand health and fertility management strategies? If so, you’re not alone. These images show before and after comparisons of a field that benefited from an updated fertility plan. Did you know that for every ton of grass hay harvested 12lbs of Phosphorous and 48lbs of potassium are removed from the soil? How can this information be used to increase stand health, yields, and profitability?
Join us for our Forage Field Day on Saturday, August 28th to get the answers to these questions and more! Additional information included on flyer. Register at go.osu.edu/forageFD
More on nutrient removal rates: https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/anr-96