4-H Family Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Brown County 4-H Family Scavenger Hunt!

We have created a list of activities and tasks for 4-H members and families to complete! It is up to you how many you complete.

For each task you complete and submit you will be entered into a drawing for family fun prizes sponsored by the 4-H Committee.

Use your creativity and imagination as you complete the tasks! There is no one right way to complete the tasks; just have fun! For each task upload a photo that shows your interpretation of the completed task. If you would prefer to upload a video – go for it!

Visit this page right here for the most up-to-date task list! We might just add more tasks throughout the month of December. The last day to submit is December 31st!

Visit this link to submit: http://go.osu.edu/4hhuntsubmit

You will enter your Family/Team name for each submission. Feel free to be creative if you like – but be consistent so we can link it back to you for the drawings.

If you, or a participant you are working with, have a disability and have questions about accessibility or wish to request accommodations please contact Christy Clary at clary.42@osu.edu.

If you have any questions – feel free to reach out to Christy!


Click here for a PDF of the task list for easy printing!

  1. As a family, decorate holiday cookies. Take a photo of everyone with their finished masterpiece.
  2. Using light (s), create a 4-H Clover.
  3. Use household items (books, boxes, kitchen utensils, tape, coloring, your ingenuity, anything…) to recreate an identifiable landmark/building from around Brown County. Then take a family photo in front of it as if you are a tourist. Feel free to use forced perspective to speak to its majestic grandeur.
  4. Make a collage with leftover Halloween candy.
  5. The hot new trading card battle game is 4-Hemon! Create a trading card for each of your teammates with their photo and stats (location, 4-H project, skills learned, etc.) as the powerful 4-H monsters they are. We must see each teammate’s unobscured face for it to count. Photo editing is ok.
  6. Reach out to a senior in your family or community and ask them about a favorite treat from their childhood that brings them fond memories – something that they just don’t get anymore. Try to recreate it based on their description, then share your creation with them. Record their assessment.
  7. Put your face somewhere it absolutely does not belong. Not a picture of your face. Your real face. In that place. Where it should NOT be! (Keep it clean. This is 4-H!)
  8. We are physically distanced right now, and nursing homes aren’t allowed visitors. Create your own holiday card design and send it to a nursing home.
  9. Why have chain letters, when you can have chain mail? Create an intricate medieval knight’s suit of armor entirely out of junk mail, with chain mail comprised of chain letters. Must include a junk mail shield and sword.
  10. Rewrite your favorite Christmas song with lyrics about 4-H.
  11. Recreate something (book cover, postcard, Renaissance painting, etc) entirely out of pasta.
  12. We’ve heard of breakfast for dinner, have dinner for breakfast.
  13. Maintaining physical distance, go Christmas caroling at your neighbors; costumes required.
  14. Winter cleaning time – go through your closets, toys, etc. and designate a pile for donation.
  15. Create a gingerbread house, but out of edible items that aren’t normally in a gingerbread house.
  16. Make popcorn and watch a movie as a family.
  17. Have the 4-H’er draw their idea of happiness. Then, make it happen.
  18. What’s something you’ve always wished you could do, but never bothered to learn that your grandparent (or other adult) knows how to do? Can your grandfather crochet? Can your grandmother bake bread? Have a video call with him or her and have them teach you this skill. Screencap your conversation and the finished product in two side-by-side images.
  19. Dress up for a fancy family dinner but eat pizza or chicken nuggets.
  20. One of the best things about family is the way they accept you as you are (mostly), because of the threads that connect you. Prove it: videoconference with your entire family (extended or chosen family is welcome). Everyone must be wearing the ugliest shirt or sweater they have – the more outrageous the better. Submit your family group photo.
  21. Normally, your pet is NEVER allowed to do this under ANY circumstances. But, of course, these are NOT normal times.
  22. Blanket Fort. Make it a good one.
  23. Toilet paper is getting scarce, and so are a lot of animals on the planet. Create a sculpture of an endangered species from empty toilet-tissue tubes(s) and/or paper towel tubes.
  24. You’ve heard of pen pals… what about video pals? A lot of people in nursing homes and retirement homes are feeling isolated and scared right now. Most residential care facilities have very strict isolation in place. No visitors allowed, not leaving the premises, etc. Coordinate remotely with a local retirement home or elder care home and play a game of “show and tell” with a random nursing home resident to find at least 3 things you have in common.
  25. Never judge a book by its cover… or bread by its shape. Bake bread or cookies into the shape of something you would DEFINITELY not want to eat.
  26. Decorate something that wouldn’t normally be decorated for Christmas as a Christmas tree.
  27. Create a sign promoting 4-H and put it out in your yard.
  28. Go for a family hike, identify something that does not belong, and relocate it to where it does belong.
  29. Using unconventional items, create a thank you card for someone who helped you in 4-H this year.
  30. Somethings just can’t fly…prove us wrong. Add functional wings to something that wouldn’t normally fly.
  31. It’s pizza time! But this isn’t any normal pizza night. We are making homemade 4-H pizza. That’s right create a pizza to look like a 4-H Clover.
  32. The art of rock balancing is said to open up creative pathways in your brain. But potato balancing has been proven to actually provide a shortcut to enlightenment. That’s why we found you, in nature (or at your kitchen table), meditating near the balanced potatoes.
  33. Snowball fight. Epic snowball fight. No snow.
  34. November and December are full of different holidays and every culture and religion has different traditions. Research a culture or religion different from your own and participate in one of their traditional holiday activities.
  35. Pledge your hands to larger service, complete a service project as a family.
  36. Take a family holiday photo. But the background decorations can’t match the holiday you are dressed for.
  37. Pancake art has come a long way, and the art form doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Let’s see pancake art of representing 4-H projects.
  38. As anyone who reads magazines or watches tv can see, bohemian eco-chic weddings are all the rage. Let’s see a wedding dress made from recycled materials.
  39. I can assure you, THAT has never been frozen in jello before! How did you manage to do that?!
  40. As you know, the rarely-seen moon fairies are mischievous, nocturnal creatures who participate in synchronized, representational flight. Using a long exposure and flashlights (or other movable light sources) photograph these elusive beasts.
  41. Finger-painting is often thought of as unsophisticated and associated with preschool. But we know it can be deployed for much loftier purposes. Prove the art historians and elitists wrong by finger painting a sophisticated mural with complex messaging about an important global issue.
  42. Log onto 4-H Project Central and check out all the 4-H projects. Pick one you’ve never taken before and commit to completing it next year!
  43. Everyone has their favorite outdoor activities. It’s fall/winter right now; do your favorite summer activity.
  44. Bookworm! Check out a book from the library or show us what books everyone is reading right now.
  45. Sometimes things are just too comfy to leave, but you’re prepared for this! Let us see you in your “Hammock Self-Containment Unit”. This, of course, would be you in a hammock with everything you need to live for one week, including all life-preserving items, sanitation supplies, and, of course, entertainment (live or otherwise). Make sure it’s clean, well-organized, and designed for easy access to everything.
  46. Make a collage that features things only locals from your town would know about.
  47. Sometimes it feels like your expected to be in more than one place at more than one time, but you’re a 4-H Family so you know how to deliver. Using the panoramic photo function on your phone, insert yourself at least three times in the same picture in different positions and/or wardrobe to show yourself as you “multitask”. You may NOT Photoshop yourself into the image. (Hint: you have to run around the person taking the picture each time they pass you in the frame.)
  48. Real heroes wear masks… face masks. Show us Batman, Superman, or another caped crusader helping out at home with daily or parental tasks or as a front-line worker while wearing a hospital-grade surgical or cotton face mask.
  49. Make paper snowflakes and hang them in the window.
  50. Complete a random act of kindness.
  51. Eventually, face masks won’t be needed as much as they are now, but it would be such a waste if they all went to landfills. USING AN OLD FACEMASK THAT IS NO LONGER USABLE, devise a fashion accessory for your pet.
  52. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake is unsanitary and so “2019.” Luckily, you’ve designed an incredibly clever and ingenious device (Rube Goldberg or otherwise) that will blow out candles while you are standing at least 6 feet away. (No fans or hair dryers allowed). Let’s see it in action.
  53. SIDE-BY-SIDE. Recreate a famous painting on a concrete driveway or the side of a building using chalk. The “painting” must be altered in some way to include something related to 4-H.
  54. Your home is more than your castle. It’s swiftly becoming a sovereign nation, and like every nation, it needs a tourism board. Create a one-page brochure or video advertising travel to your house as a coveted destination.
  55. The Summer Olympics got canceled, but that doesn’t keep a focused athlete like you down. Show us your entry in the Socially-Distanced Games in an event like stick-pony equestrian jumping, toilet tissue rhythmic gymnastics, gift-wrap tube fencing, indoor bedsheet “skiing”, channel surfing, the long bed-jump, kitchen-table tennis, or other events – you get the idea. Take the gold.
  56. Dress up as a character on a book cover and set up your environment so it’s a perfect replica of the book cover… except for one catch: the original book you’re replicating is also in your photo where we can clearly see it.
  57. Let’s see a picture of your favorite hero (real-life or fictional) destroying the evil COVID. You may use any medium you like – pencils, paints, Photoshop, pet hair…
  58. Immunocompromised and elderly people are facing more isolation and stress than ever. Reach out to someone elderly or immunocompromised in your community in a video chat who has been on total lockdown and video interview them on the topic of favorites. What is their favorite ice cream? Favorite color and why? Favorite movie and why? Favorite day that they remember? Etc. Submit a screenshot of both of you on screen.
  59. Using household items, create a modern art installation in your home.
  60. Grown-up cereal is so boring. Create a re-imagined box of Boring Bran Flakes with a snazzy character in a suit, marshmallows shaped like household bills, etc. and puzzles and games all on the back. This can be a painting/drawing or digital recreation.
  61. Some people say that clutter is ugly. Those people just lack vision. Show us a beautiful accessory (a hat, necklace, broach, or corsage), created entirely out of objects from your junk drawer. (You may not use rubber bands or paperclips.)
  62. Using a page of an old book, magazine or newspaper, make a “blackout poem” by taking a black marker and redacting words until a poem is formed about your hope for the future. 4-H?
  63. Just because you and your pet are stuck home doesn’t mean you can’t take a holiday! Turn a cardboard box into one of those “tourist” photo stand-in boards with holes cut out for you and your (willing) pet’s faces. Poke your faces through and pose for a photo op.
  64. Fresh clean laundry. Show us a picture of your neatly folded laundry (and then actually put it away where it belongs!).
  65. Don’t look now, but there’s a dust bunny in the corner! Make a rabbit out of dryer lint and dust. The more intimidating, the better.
  66. Did you ever want to be a professional photographer? Pick out your favorite toy or pet, adorn it or stage it beautifully, and take a magazine-cover-worthy photo of it.
  67. With the help of a grownup, find the oldest ancestral furniture, relic, or picture in the house and hear the story behind it. For example, I have my great, great grandmother’s cutting board. What’s something that’s been passed down in your family? Make sure to caption the photo so we know what we’re seeing and who it belonged to.
  68. Ice cream? For breakfast?!!
  69. Something in nature that looks like something else.
  70. Jenga! Uno! Games are a great way to pass the time, hold a family game night.
  71. Family game night…no games? Set up your own version of a Jenga tower using whatever you can find and play.
  72. Time for the kids to cook dinner.
  73. Family obstacle course day! Build an elaborate obstacle course with your toys and other objects you construct, then everyone should take turns to compete for the gold!
  74. Time for a workout! Show us your best 80’s workout attire.
  75. Design your own 4-H coloring book page. Your page should show off your favorite things about 4-H. Submit an uncolored and colored photo!
  76. It’s time for a wild animal parade! Organize all the stuffed animals in your house from tallest to shortest…
  77. Find a coin that was minted in the year your parent or guardian was born.
  78. Do you have an imaginary or invisible friend? OF COURSE, YOU DO. They’re the one that always makes all the messes you get into trouble for, right? We understand. Draw a “wanted” poster of your imaginary/invisible friend so that they can be brought to justice.
  79. We all have collections…dust collections…shoe collections. Show us what you collect!
  80. The early bird gets the worm. But in the winter, worms can be hard to find. Make homemade birdfeeders (hint: pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed).
  81. Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up. Bonus points if you get an adult to dress up as what they wanted to be when they were your age, too – make sure to take a picture together.
  82. It’s time you tackled that big job your parents usually do: cook the dinner, do the taxes, paint the house, fix the car, or some other “chore” your parents usually won’t let you do that looks fun.
  83. You are true royalty. Make a paper crown out of flowers, twigs, tissue paper, etc. and wear it proudly.
  84. Make a list of five things you want to do as a family. Now do one of them.
  85. The tiniest living thing you can find.
  86. Find a crack on the sidewalk and use chalk or washable paints to draw the creature you think lives inside it.
  87. As many 4-H clovers as you can find.
  88. All the shoes.
  89. Origami is the Japanese Art of paper-folding. Kirigami is the Japanese Art of paper cutting. Create a winter scene using these two art forms.
  90. Invent a new yoga pose.
  91. Make popcorn garland.
  92. Take a photo of all the caps and lids you have collected for Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp recycling project.
  93. SUB CATEGORY – Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – take a photo of these items decorated in lights. These may be in your own yard or take a drive to look at lights and identify them. For the number for your submission use 93 – 1; 93-2; 93-3 etc.
    1. Santa
    2. The Grinch
    3. Tractor (so this is a tractor either out of lights or covered in lights).
    4. Boat
    5. Something Ohio State
    6. Farm Animal
    7. All white lights on a house
    8. Something 4-H
    9. Decorated Barn
    10. Lights set to music (video)
    11. Penguin
    12. Multiple inflatables in the same yard
    13. Nutcracker
  94. Some animals love Ohio in the winter. Research one animal and go outside to see if you can find it.
  95. Many of our trees lose their leaves in the fall. Write a creative fictional story about the adventures the leaves have after leaving the tree!
  96. Use repurposed items from around your home to make your own family board game.
  97. Use items found in nature to create a holiday decoration.
  98. Show us your recycling pile! Yes, the items you have ready to go to recycling. Don’t have one yet? Research what can be recycled and how you can recycle (curbside, drop-off box) and develop a plan.
  99. Family game night!

List updated 12/11/20 – new items are italicized.

*Task list has been developed using multiple resources including prior GISH lists and individuals.