Swine Breeding Show – Brown County Junior Fair 2024

The 2024 Brown County 4-H April 1st Enrollment Deadline is fast approaching. If you have not submitted your enrollments, don’t forget to submit by April 1st. If you need to add/drop any projects, if your profile is approved you can do that yourself until the deadline or contact our office. We share all of this because this email is announcing the return of the Breeding Swine show for the Brown County Jr. Fair. Please see the information below with details about this new but old opportunity!

Breeding Gilt Show NEW for 2024

Breeding gilts will be shown by breed there will also be crossbred classes.

All purebred gilts will require registration papers in the exhibitor’s name or immediate family member (parent/guardian) at the time of check-in. Any purebreds without papers at check-in will be put in a crossbred class.

All breeding gilts must be born from January 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

All class winners will compete for Supreme Grand and Reserve Champion and 3-5 overall.

Each exhibitor can tag in 4 breeding gilts and show 2.

Per the Ohio Revised Code/ODA animals may only be used for one project. This means once a gilt is declared at tag-in as either breeding or market, it cannot be switched, and the same animal cannot be shown in both.

The Breeding show will follow the Born and Bred Market show on Thursday.

Breeding Gilts will not be eligible for the junior fair sale.

All eligible junior fair exhibitors are eligible to show in the breeding show. This includes those participating in the Commercial Swine project.

To participate in the Breeding Gilt show you will need to register for the Swine Breeding Project, this is project 140 in 4-H.


Commercial Swine Project

The Commercial Swine project is returning for 2024. You can register for this project by selecting Commercial Swine in 4-H Online or specifying it on FFA enrollment paperwork. You will be contacted after the enrollment deadline to confirm participation and indicate the number of hogs you would like to purchase through the program. Price will be based on the feeder pig market at the time of pick-up and all pigs will be sourced by the junior fair board. More details on selection and pick-up dates will be shared with those who register.

If you have any questions specific to the junior fair swine exhibition, please contact the junior fair Swine Superintendent Roger McKinzie at 937-618-0040.

If you have any questions about registering for 4-H or specific projects, please contact our office at 937-378-6716. 

Brown Co. Junior Fair Commercial Swine Division – New for 2023

The Brown County Junior Fair is offering a new Commercial Swine division for 2023. Below is information from the Swine Department. Click here to download a PDF of this information. 

NEW FOR 2023
COMMERCIAL MARKET SWINE PROJECTTo take a commercial hog project you will need to sign up for project 139 Market Hog Project: Commercial Swine by the
April 1st enrollment deadline. 4-H members will select this in 4HOnline, FFA members will designate this on their paper
form. Those wishing to show in the traditional project will enroll in the standard 139 Market Hog Project.

  • YOU CAN NOT show in both the market swine project and the commercial swine project it is one or the other. The
    judges for these projects will be evaluating using different criteria.ALL swine department rules for market swine apply to this project.Pigs for this project will be supplied by the Jr. Fairboard.
  • Price will be based on feeder pig market at the time of pick up.
  • Exhibitor can take one or two head for this project. Youth will be contacted after the enrollment deadline to designate the
    number of hogs they would like to show.
  • You will pick up and pay for your swine project TBA at the fairgrounds.
  • Hogs will be tagged and weighed day of pick up. The same weight limits apply to ALL swine projects.
  • All pigs will be of the same quality. Each exhibitor will draw a tag number to see which pig he/she gets.
  • Commercial projects DO NOT bring their animals to tag in on June 17th.
  • The Commercial Market show will be on Wednesday morning of fair week.
  • Each exhibitor can do showmanship on Monday in their respective age class.
  • Each exhibitor is eligible for OME.
  • Commercial Market projects will sell in the sale and will also have a GRAND and RESERVE.
  • Each Commercial Market project will also be eligible for grand champion RATE OF GAIN in the commercial division.

Questions on this new division can be directed to Roger McKinzie, Swine Superintendent.

Please note there will be a Rate of Gain champion for the traditional market show in 2023 also.

Project Starter Kits

New for 2023 – the Brown County 4-H Committee is sponsoring project starter kits to help youth get started in a new project. Youth are provided with the basic materials and supplies needed to complete a project. Supplies may be provided directly or through gift cards.

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Must be a project age 4-H member in good standing in Brown County.
  • Must be the 1st time registering for the specific project.
  • Must complete the application by the specified deadline. Including Member & Parent/Guardian signatures acknowledging the youth will complete the project or repay the cost of the kit (up to $50 pending the kit).
  • Members may only request one (1) kit per year.
  • Youth must enroll by the 4-H Deadline in the project of the kit they are applying for. If they are not selected for the kit, they may choose to complete the project on their own or drop the project.
  • Youth are encouraged to sign up for additional projects in case they do not receive a kit. This will allow them to have options of projects to complete.
  • Applications are due by April 3rd, 2023, at 4:30pm to the Extension Office.
  • Members selected for a kit will be notified after the April 4-H Committee meeting.

For full details and the application visit our website here: https://brown.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/4-h-youth-opportunites/project-starter-kits 

Ohio 4-H Conference 2023 & Congratulations

Calling all Teens and Volunteers:

2023 is in full swing which means now is the time for youth and adults to be enrolling in 4-H for the year and signing up for all the things such as the Ohio 4-H Conference. More information on training and such will be coming soon but we wanted to get this announcement out quickly.

Congratulations to Jamie Loudon on being recognized as one of the Ohio 4-H Alumni Award Winners. Jamie is a Brown Co. 4-H alumnus and has been a volunteer for 20+ years. He is currently serving as the head advisor of the Georgetown Hooves and Halters 4-H Club and is active in multiple 4-H and community events.

Jamie will be recognized during the adult luncheon at the Ohio 4-H Conference scheduled for March 11th at the Columbus Convention Center. This is a great opportunity for adults and teens to participate in a variety of educational sessions! There is truly something for everyone.

The Brown County 4-H Committee is once again sponsoring this event to reduce the cost to just $15 for any current 4-H volunteer or member who would like to attend.

Registration and payment are due to the Extension Office by February 10th by 4:30pm. The registration form as well as the list of sessions can be found online at: https://ohio4h.org/events/ohio-4-h-conference

Please share this with all the teens in your club (youth 13+). There have been lots of great ideas and activities come out of those who have attended in the past. If someone who is not a current volunteer would like to attend, they may at the full cost of registration.

Debating if you should attend? There are two luncheons. One just for teens and one for adults. During the adult luncheon is the awards ceremony for various awards and where Jamie will be recognized. We would love to see as many of our volunteers in attendance as possible.

And just a couple of other friendly reminders:

PB&J – A Month of Giving

Brown County 4-H is partnering with (or competing against, however you want to look at it) Clermont and Highland County 4-H to sponsor a Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive.  We will be collecting donations from November 1-30.  Clubs, organizations, community members, and businesses are encouraged to participate.  However, the 4-H club that donates the most items will win a pizza party for their club! Donations can be dropped off at the Extension Office Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m.-4:30 p.m.. The items collected will be donated to Empower Youth to be included in the food packs that will be sent home with kids over winter break.

July 13th, 2022 4-H Project Judging

July judging for 4-H projects will be held on July 13th at the Brown County Fairgrounds. This is the only project judging for Family and Consumer Science (FCS) related projects. For all other pre-fair interviewed projects the July judging is to qualify for the Ohio State Fair, with county judging held on September 10th.

For the upcoming July 13th judging, all members will need to register for a project appointment by July 8th at http://go.osu.edu/projectappointment. If you have more than one project to be judged you will need to schedule an appointment for each project.

For full details on your projects and what to bring to judging review your project letter. This was mailed to youth enrolled in specific projects but can also be found at http://brown.osu.edu/exhibitorletters.

Additional information on project completion can be found on our website here: https://brown.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/project-completion-and-fair-requirements

This page includes a full listing of the project completion document as well as projects listed down by when they are judged: July, September, or Fair.

If you have any questions on project judging, please contact our office. Details and the link for the September judging will be provided closer to that date.

4-H Updates 4.28.22

Check out all the 4-H things coming up!

As we head further into spring and summer is closing in there are LOTS of opportunities for you and some are right around the corner! We wanted to send out an update on upcoming events; this list isn’t everything. Read carefully and don’t miss out! As always, keep an eye out for project letters which will be emailed out on a rolling basis starting very soon. Letters all get posted on our website also. We try really hard to keep the calendar up to date (http://go.osu.edu/brown4hcalendar)  and this also loads into our 4-H Now App. If you see something missing, feel free to reach out!

  • Virtual Quality Assurance – Saturday, April 30th at 10 am. Pre-Register and see QA information on the website here: http://go.osu.edu/brownqa
  • Camp Open House – Sunday, May 1st – Noon-4 pm at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp, Jackson, OH. Bring out the whole family to check out camp!
  • Workforce Skills Contest Registration Due – May 5th; Contest Date- May 11th
    • Open to all project age members. Youth will compete in age divisions by selecting from our list of jobs, preparing a cover letter, resume, and completing an interview. Full details are on the website http://go.osu.edu/workforceskills
    • Thank you to our generous Sponsors – Bane Welker Equipment, Howsers One Stop Shop, Triple S Boer Goats, and the Brown County 4-H Committee. We will be giving out prizes per age division. 1st Place – $100; 2nd Place – $75; 3rd Place – $50.
  • Quality Assurance – In-person – May 10th, 6 pm – Rhonemus Hall
  • Camp – 4-H Camp is a great opportunity for all youth. Campers stay in cabins, get a chance to hike, make friends, go to campfires and SO MUCH MORE! There is also a camp for everyone. Not all registration links are posted but as they are they can be found at http://brown.osu.edu/4hcamp
    • Camp Scholarships – there are multiple camp scholarships available for youth attending Beginner, Jr. High, Teen, STEM, and Junior Shooting Sports Camps. The deadline to apply is May 11th. Scholarship can be found on the camp link above below the table with camp dates.
    • Beginner Camp – Registration deadline – May 16th
    • Junior High Camp, Special Needs Camp – Registration Deadline – June 1st
    • Jr. and Senior Shooting Sports Registration deadline – June 15th
    • Others will be posted as available
  • Workforce Skills Contest Interview & Awards – May 11th; Rhonemus Hall
  • Shooting Sports Safety Meeting – May 12th, 6:30 pm – Rhonemus Hall – Required for all youth taking a shooting sports project to be eligible for range activities
  • Junior Leaders May 17th– open to all 4-Hers who are 13+ at the time of the meeting. Junior Leaders is designed to be educational, service, and social-based. Teens who are involved help with various activities throughout the year and plan activities. Meetings are at 5:30 pm at the Extension Office. Email me at clary.42@osu.edu to be added to the email list. New members are always welcome!
  • June 1st – Major Deadline Day (more details will be sent with project letters on all the deadlines)
    • Horse and Dog paperwork due; State Fair QA Deadline; Jr. High Camp Registrations Due; Beef Breeding, Sheep, Goat, Swine Ownership Deadline

We hope you will all consider taking advantage of the many opportunities available!

Please remember that failure to read and understand provided information is not an acceptable reason for unmet requirements or missed deadlines. If you do not understand, please ask clarifying questions. We are happy to help clarify information and help you complete the process in advance of deadlines.

Brown County JFB Seeking Small Animal Superintendent(s)

The Brown County Junior Fair is seeking individuals to serve as the small animal superintendent and additional assistant superintendents to help.

Superintendent(s) serve in a role with the junior fair board overseeing the members and helping them succeed in offering all events and activities throughout the year related to the department. This includes but is not limited to coordinating chicken orders, chick pick-up, small animal tagging, clinics, barn clean-ups, pen assignments, etc.

Superintendents are asked to attend Junior Fairboard meetings that are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Assistant superintendents assist with all the above things and may be assigned specific tasks to oversee. One assistant superintendent will be identified specifically to oversee the small animal showman of showmen.

All superintendents and assistant superintendents must be able to work as part of a team that guide our youth through the process. Individuals must be organized.

If you are interested in serving in this volunteer capacity with the Brown County Junior Fair, please submit a letter of interest by March 15th to the Brown County Extension Office or by emailing it to  clary.42@osu.edu.

Letters of interest will be reviewed by a committee, and individuals may be asked to complete an interview. Please share this information with any who may be interested.

4-H Teen Opportunities Deadline Approaching

The deadline for teens to apply for 4-H Award Trips is January 15th. 

This includes scholarships for Senior Shooting Sports Camp, Leadership Camp, Sea Camp, and Citizenship Washington Focus. These camps/trips are open to all 4-H youth, but each event may have specific age guidelines. Refer to http://brown.osu.edu/teenopportunities for more details and the link to the application. Interviews will be held on January 20th for all applicants.

Other upcoming deadlines for teens include:

Camp Counselors – Feb. 1st – http://go.osu.edu/ablmpcounselor (application)  http://brown.osu.edu/4hcamp (camp details/dates)

Achievement Awards – Feb. 1st — http://brown.osu.edu/teenopportunities

State 4-H Scholarship – Feb. 15th — http://brown.osu.edu/teenopportunities