Shape Grammar (point, line, plane)

Final rendering of Shape Grammar (by Aaron Beckhon, 2021)

Project State

Create a composition using three basic shapes in a 8 by 8 square and invert the composition with another 8 by 8 square beside the first one (one will have a black background the other will have a white background).


View detailed project process at Shape Grammar (point, line, plane): Process


Creating this composition by hand was very challenging but help me develop better skill in line weight and cutting with the exacto knife. I began my process by drawing out my composition with the help of my ruler to make sure my lines were straight and my measurements were correct. I used very light line weight when drawing and cutting out my composition. I wasn’t satisfied with just the inverted depth of shapes on each 8 by 8, so I took the inverted shapes and put them all together like a puzzle. If I were to make any adjustments to my composition, I would make sure that my cutting is more precise and that I take more time positioning my squares to improve my craft.