Mask-up: process


create a narrative to establish ideas that will help refine decisions in form, material, action (performance) and meaning. Your narrative will address the theme of masking as related to a pandemic.


One of my partners created a page for us to upload inspiration for our mask.

we studied emotions that we may hide under our mask during the pandemic. With this we also studied color theory to interpret and show these emotions with the use of color.


Some things that I considered when iterating were shape studies and face measurements. I found that circular shapes add a positive and harmonic feeling. The emotion that I studied for my mask is JOYFUL. Along with finding circular shapes to be positive and harmonic, I found that the color yellow also shows these same emotions of being joyful.

Prototype 1

My intentions for my prototypes were to focus on functionality and how to get the mask to fit on my face correctly.

                   Prototype 2                    


Materials: Wire, resin, acrylic paint, glitter, ribbon









I used a soldering tool to weld the wire together. I ran into some issues with my wire; because I was using acrylic wire, I would have to use copper to joint the pieces together which ended up working in the end.

I made resin to add to the mask and mixed it with yellow acrylic paint and glitter.

When attaching my resin pieces, I used mini acrylic wire and wrapped it onto my structure so that it would attach. After this I attached ribbon to the temples of the mask because the wire was a bit uncomfortable on the ears.

Final Images


























Concept statement

The idea of masking to show/hide emotions and facial expressions has became an unintentional habit within the pandemic. The masks have the ability to hide ones emotions of how they really feel with covering partial aspects of the face. However, the collaborative work of constructing our mask is to reveal ones true emotions openly. Our masks are abstract, modern, industrial, and exciting creating an interesting composition through utilizing various materials such as wire, resin, acrylic paint, glitter and ribbon. The abstract and industrial aspects come for the wire to highlight ones features and the perspective of their emotions with forms and color. Impart of the concept detailing our emotions being hidden and then expressed through our masks, have been uncomfortably troublesome having to wear constantly throughout the two years of the pandemic. Manipulating all of the materials conjoined within our composition, while using wire and resin brings discomfit onto the face to wear realistically. Nonetheless, our masks showcase important areas on the face like ones eyes, mouth, or the physicality of the emotion being portrayed. To achieve this, the use of wire exposes the reality of how one is feeling with the openness of line work. It is soldered together to twist, shape, and form creating durability within the composition whereas the resin with a burst of color related to the emotion expressed invites the ideal of color theory play and what emotion relates to a specific color. The collaborative work will bring each mask together to showcase the different emotions focusing on the facial structure, expressions, and color theory that allows this relationship. The interesting compositions will reveal the hidden emotions that one presents to another and the reality underneath the masks. Beneath them, are we happy, sad or angry? Although, for our emotions with the masks, we choose joy, sadness, and surprised that correlates to their own color. All in all, the conformity of masks and hiding our emotions has both been beneficially satisfying but harmful as well into not knowing how one is truly feeling or the instance to why we want to hide how we feel.


What I enjoyed most about this project was the collaborative experience with conceptualizing a design project. Overall I think my partners and I came up with a solid project that would show 3 different compositions that correlate and harmonize through color theory and material use. If I were to make any adjustments to my project, I would come up with a more creative way on how i attached ribbon to the temples of the mask.