Observation and communication: process


The objective for this project was to create a narrative to guide someone through a map. This map is to have 5 locations, a legend, and 2 non visual communications.


Slow looking

On my walk, I explored the most meaningful and familiar places on campus that I knew. This walk helped me see some of the architectural elements of these places that I had never really payed attention to before.










After doing the poem exercise I realized what I wanted my map to represent visually and non-visually. One love is the Raising Canes slogan and it stuck with me because Columbus is home and I am surrounded by love here. I worked for Raising Canes for 3 years and I find it fun and exciting how it is still influencing my life today.

Personal Collage

I attempted to create a heart with a collage of photos that will represent places around campus that I have created great moments at.

Shading, mark-making, shadow

Shape studies


First, I created a rough layout of my map to pin point specific locations.

Second, I converted this map into true map form and scale.




When creating my final map I knew I had to make some decisions on making the emphasized shape ( ♡ ) into more of an implied shape. I chose to use trees to create this shape because they represent life and growth and Columbus is where I was born and raised. I added sound effects of a fast car onto summit street because there are always people speeding on that street. Last but not least, I used another Raising Canes catch phrase to add a non visual element to my map. Looking back on this project, If I were to add anything I would have used more line weight to create an emphasis on what’s most important in my map. I would have also used more color to create a better visual effect to my map.