2D to 3D translation: process


Convert a 2D shape from Shape Grammar (point, line, plane) into a 3D shape using design principles and elements.


We studied shapes that we created in our previous project and used them to create our 2D to 3D form.  .












I created a 2D template of a box and hexagon to create a 3D shape.


I used different forms and shapes in my iterations. I decided to use negative space and illusion for my design principals.













I used a compass to make perfect         I then drew my shape and tabs.                finally I added my design.


I used tacky glue to construct my form and used .1 line weight.



My intentions were to create an implied shape of an hour glass and create an inward illusion. I like the idea of an hour glass shape because it correlates to our daily college lives and how we need to manage our time. I started with the intent of creating something with negative space. I then decided to create and illusion of inward movement and took the reflecting front of the shape and scaled it down one inch to focus on the form also. With one side bigger than the other, my shape looks like its going inward with the illusion on top. If I were to make any adjustments to this project, I would focus more on my craft and create a neater project with tacky glue.