About me: process


The first step I took in creating my about me page was researching other professionals about me pages just to get an idea of what is important to talk about but also how I should format my page. these are two pages that I liked because of the structure and balance of them In color and sizing.



I then created my own templates that would be more realistic for this project but also for WordPress. for my first template on the far left, I was thinking to create something that is simple and easy on the eyes. I felt like it would have been okay, I just wouldn’t of been able to add as much pictures as I wanted. The second template in the middle flows better and I had plenty of space to add pictures but I had to go through a lot of trial and error to get this format due to the restrictions in word press. I played around a lot and moved my images to different places and extended my paragraphs. the last template on the right is what I ended up creating. I enjoy looking at it with one image at the top, two in the middle and three on the bottom. I created a hierarchy with my photos but also with my text and headings.



when we initially began working on this exercise I was so focused on making sure I had talked about each design efficiently however, I then realized after turning in the project that I didn’t focus enough on my formatting. my pictures were everywhere including my text. there’s no balance or flow to the document and I now realize that.


I learned a lot about proper formatting and balance with this project. It took a while for me to come up with my templates mostly because I started this project with the writing part instead of the template part. I created a list of what I should talk about in my bio. I have always found that writing and talking about myself is not something that I like doing however, this project has helped me realize that writing about yourself reminds you of where you’re from, your accomplishments, and how far you come along but also the progress you have yet to make.

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