Dynamic pages: process


Craft a composition using card-stock or Bristol paper and feature dynamic kinetic mechanisms or stop-motion animation to emphasize the formal principle of movement. collaborate and work as a team to conceptualize, design, and illustrate the idea of movement.


The collab-o exercise helped me to learn a bit about my partner so that we could establish a collaborative relationship for the project.

Me and my partner studied shape theory by asking each other how shape, line, and contours made us feel.



From our research, We decided to go with pull and pop up tabs .












My intentions were to create a composition that complimented my shape studies but to also create a narrative that represented movement. We decided to use the sun and the earth as to show the relationship of how when two objects are close together, they might not be good for each other however, when they are apart, one may need the other.

Our pull and pop up tabs worked correctly when we made our prototypes.


Materials: grey scale card stock, vellum paper, glitter, rubber cement, and resin

I used my cricut machine to cut out the base of my composition. This included art work and cuts for my paper mechanisms.

I used glitter on the Vellum paper to put underneath the stars.

I glued my paper mechanisms together with rubber cement.

Final images 

Concept statement

In certain relationships, sometimes the individuals in those relationships just aren’t meant to be together. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all been in relationships where it’s best to be separate than it is together. In our project we wanted to visualize the push and pull atmosphere that many relationships go through. The earth and sun are used to represent what it feels like to be in that relationship. The earth needs the sun for multiple reasons but the sun does not need the earth. We wanted to emphasize the idea that when the two planets are apart, there is a calmness as each planet is doing their own thing as they go down their own paths, but once they begin to come back together is when the chaos begins and the toxicity of the situation starts to affect the atmosphere around the pair. With the use of contrast in color we emphasized the balance of the planets while at the same time showing how vastly different and unique each individual is. The name of the song is called “Don’t Leave Me Alone” and is an original by Aaron Remone. the message in the song is about wanting to be near/with someone but knowing it is best to stay apart.


I thoroughly enjoyed trying out different paper mechanisms for this project. I learned a lot about movement with sound and how visual effects with shape and line can visualize sound. Collaboration is a huge part of the design process, so if I were to make any adjustments to this project, I would establish a more strict schedule on working with my partner on our composition together.