Hello, I am Aaron Beckhon Jr.  

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and I’m a second-year student transferring from the regional campus at Newark and a first-year design foundations student at the Columbus campus. the reason I decided to apply at the Columbus campus is because I heard about how amazing the faculty is and how they encourage their students to try their absolute best.

Some facts about me….

I am a first-generation college student with seven wonderful siblings. My mother is from Puerto Rico, and I consider myself Afro-Latino . I want to be an Interior Designer and graduate with a minor in Real Estate. The reason why I want to be an Interior Designer and a Real Estate agent is to be able to provide people with spaces that they can connect to and grow into. Growing up I didn’t always have a space that I felt comfortable and creative in, so I spent most of my childhood with my eyes glued to HGTV. My grandmother used to be the lead singer in several bands in Ohio therefore, I’ve grown an appreciation for music and entertainment. I have been singing and writing music my whole life and its a hobby of mine that helps me get through hard times. Even though interior design is what I am most passionate about, I really enjoy all kinds of design including fashion and graphic. At the age of sixteen I created a clothing brand named “Merge Clothing”, where Me and a friend designed t-shirts and tote bags and sold them on a website I created. Merge stands for peace and unity among every race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. I designed my logos, t-shirt designs, promo post, flyers, and it has been one of my favorite things that has challenged me as an artist. I spend most of my free time locked up in my room creating new music, future designs and concepts for my business


About Design

The best part of being a designer and creating is watching people enjoy what you’ve created, and one of my favorite things to do is entertain because you get to see other people interpret their own emotions to your work. Design to me is growth because you grow as you create and as you create you learn something new about yourself that you didn’t know before, rather that be a new skill or just a new connection to your work.


what most interest me about the design process that I’m exited to learn more about in this program is creating things that function and learning what it means to have a design that functions. I am most excited about this because I’m an artist at heart and I love to create in abstraction, and making things that are pleasing to my eyes. So to push my boundaries of subjective art and turning it into something that can be objective, will be very interesting and a hard but a fun process to go through!

Friends and Family