Mashup: process


The purpose of this project was to explore different ways to communicate a newly found mashup word using isometric drawing techniques. when starting this project, I knew I wanted to create a word that communicated a message about my life and the space that I’m in.



Babeautiful: The beauty standard for primates.

Calmund: A word used to describe calming.

Loucrophone: A setting that makes a microphone louder.

Plappy: A place where people are happy

Gerpaint: A word used to describe painting.

Sinace: A setting where people can enjoy singing

Thacting: The action of acting in a theater.

Staform: The action of performing on a stage.











I started my process in sketchbook and found that it was easier to create my first name initial on illustrator. The first iteration was created on sketchbook and the second was created on illustrator.

Even though sketchbook was not my favorite, it still helped me with my iterations. I wanted to take the word that I created and turn it into a setting. sketching this also helped me decide what colors to use for my final deliberations.

By using the 3D extrude and bevel effect on illustrator, I was able to create a 3D format of my word and put it in an isometric grid.

I played with colors, and textures to help me decide what scene I wanted to create. This helped me to see that I could create something that didn’t take away from the word and illustration of the stage.

I simplified my poster and used a png of an image of curtains to trace over.

I then added a gradient to the background and used it as a glowing effect for the stage.

lastly, I moved over to sketchbook to add details to my poster. I used a png image of a table and chairs.


For my final composition I added some lighting effects and a sound effect. I drew a person singing and added floating music notes. I also added sound waves to make it more like a scene. The Hues that I selected were brown, red, and yellow. I used different saturations of brown and red to create outlines.


I chose the word “sinace” and its definition because since the beginning of the pandemic, I have had the hardest time finding a place where I enjoy singing. My happy place has always been on the stage performing, and I hope to be able to get back to that one day.