Layering: process


The objective of this project was to construct a composition using paper layering techniques to emphasize and exaggerate a sense of depth and space.


I researched a couple different perspectives of a studio space. I didn’t know if I wanted to create a interior space or a silhouette of a person singing into a recording microphone.


We used our initials to create new forms. I enjoyed making the letter “A” and it ended up being laser cut friendly.

We used the laser cutter, the Lines and circle’s are etched.



I used the cricut machining process to cut out my layers. I cut all my layers out with the same outline background. When putting my layers together I used rubber cement and a brush to glue down my layers.



What I enjoyed most about this project was that it introduced me to a new way of thinking about space and how you can create an illusion of space. If I were to make some adjustments to my process, I would have added more layers or found a more creative way of creating a sense of deep space in my layers. I focused a lot on my craft because in previous projects I’ve had trouble with glue and clean cuts and with this project, I was able to show better craft.