Observation and communication

Final rendering of The Heart of the Garden (by Aaron Beckhon, 2021)
Final rendering of Raising Canes (by Aaron Beckhon, 2021)

Project Statement

The objective for this project was to create a narrative to guide someone through a map. This map is to have 5 locations, a legend, and 2 non visual communications. For my map, I chose to go with a implied shape of an heart and named my map “The Heart of the Garden”. I chose this name for my map because I consider Columbus my garden because its where I was born and raised and The Ohio State University is at the heart of it all. My locations on my map are all places that have significant meaning to me and are places that I share great memories with.


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When creating my final map I knew I had to make some decisions on making the emphasized shape ( ♡ ) into more of an implied shape. I chose to use trees to create this shape because they represent life and growth and Columbus is where I was born and raised. I added sound effects of a fast car onto summit street because there are always people speeding on that street. Last but not least, I used another Raising Canes catch phrase to add a non visual element to my map. Looking back on this project, If I were to add anything I would have used more line weight to create an emphasis on what’s most important in my map. I would have also used more color to create a better visual effect to my map.