Dynamic Pages

Project Statement

The objective of this project was to craft a composition using card-stock or Bristol paper and feature dynamic kinetic mechanisms or stop-motion animation to emphasize the formal principle of movement. We worked with a partner to collaborate and work as a team to conceptualize, design, and illustrate the idea of movement. My partner and I decided to use an original song that I created to go with the motion of our paper mechanisms. My intentions were to create a composition that complimented my shape studies but to also create a narrative that represented movement. We decided to use the sun and the earth as to show the relationship of how when two objects are close together, they might not be good for each other however, when they are apart, one may need the other. 


View detailed project process at Dynamic pages: process


I thoroughly enjoyed trying out different paper mechanisms for this project. I learned a lot about movement with sound and how visual effects with shape and line can visualize sound. Collaboration is a huge part of the design process, so if I were to make any adjustments to this project, I would establish a more strict schedule on working with my partner on our composition together.