Aaron Remone’s Journal: front-side (by Aaron Beckhon, 2022)
Aaron Remone’s Journal: back-side (by Aaron Beckhon, 2022)

Project statement

The objective of this project was to explore how narratives play a role in helping designers communicate. We were to create a sketch-book with Ideas that are communicated and supported with a variety of visual (and non-visual) strategies, methods, and styles. For my sketchbook I created a multifunctional reusable sketchbook that can be used as a journal. I would use my Sketchbook to draw and write out reflections on experiences or my design projects. Inside contains drawing paper, writing paper, Vellum paper (for tracing), and isometric grid paper. My sketchbook can be reused because the binding allows you to detach the sketchbook so that you can add more paper inside when needed.


View detailed project process at Sketch-book: process


What I enjoyed most about this project is how much freedom we had to make any kind of sketch-book we wanted for ourselves. One challenge that I was faced with was with the binding. I didn’t understand how it was gonna be able to function until I started prototyping. If I were to make any adjustments to my sketch-book, I would have thought of a different way of adding words to my cover. I originally wanted to raster words into my front cover but due to laser cutting availability I had to cut out letters from paper using the cricut machine.