Advisor of the Month – September 2016


Melissa Basford

Melissa is a wonderful academic advisor, coworker, and asset to the Center for Life Sciences Education! She not only advises a large roster of biology students in the Center for Life Sciences Education, but she also is a Scholars Program Manager, with it’s own long list of duties. I am impressed with how she can balance all the duties that come with these two very busy positions. I think she is a “wonder woman” when it comes to all the multi-tasking she has to do, and she does it all with a cheerful and positive attitude. She goes above and beyond when she serves students and also when she’s often called upon to assist her coworkers, especially with her technology expertise. In addition to all these things, she finds time to volunteer her time with ACADAOS! Melissa is well deserving of the Advisor of the Month Award!

Peggy Strow

Peggy Strow is a huge asset to the Advising Office of the Center for Life Sciences Education. Whether it is helping her many advisees or assisting a coworker, she goes above and beyond in all she does. She is always the first one to volunteer to take on new duties or projects that come up. She works tirelessly to serve our students, and to serve them well. She is very deserving of the Advisor of the Month award!


Peggy Strow

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