February 2024 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done over spring semester so far! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Brian Oilar, Julianne Hensel & Jordan Schoonover
    • Brian, Julianne and Jordan helped so much as we got through honors application season in Fisher. The 3 of them helped process and review almost 550 applications with a very tight timeline. We would not have made it through without them. Thank you all so much for your support of business honors students!”
  • John Barton
    • John has been a Fisher advisor for a short period of time, but is connecting with students in authentic and genuine ways. He is able to use his school counseling background to help them solve their problems. Additionally, he is patient and thorough when assisting them with questions and coaching them on their struggles. He has worked hard to learn systems and processes as a new employee and has been an absolute joy as a colleague. (And the fact that his wife could easily win the Great British Bake-Off doesn’t hurt – we do love it when he brings in treats.) His positivity and optimism are great for our office culture and we’re so glad to have him on the team.”
  • Jordan Schoonover
    • “Jordan is a relatively new professional advisor, but has brought quite a bit of higher education experience to her role at Fisher. She has contributed great ideas for the Honors advising team, as well as volunteered to assist with standardizing our advising offices for our post-pandemic hoteling environment. Jordan is a great colleague to her fellow advisors and her experiences as a PhD student and instructor in History have been extremely beneficial to her students in Fisher.”
  • Evan Stapp
    • “Evan has recently taken over Fisher Undergraduate Program’s Wellness Committee and has done an exceptional job creating staff events that have increased office morale, interactions, and connections. In addition, he has been a strong team player, brought positive energy to the office, and always makes the team laugh even on the most hectic days.”
    • Evan is the chair of the Wellness Committee in Fisher’s Undergraduate Programs office and is working with his committee to plan innovative wellness opportunities and new social events for our entire team. For example, he’s made our office bulletin board a source of weekly engagement within our large hybrid team and has planned an outing to the Chocolate Cafe later this month for a sweet treat experience. He is eager to make people feel welcome and is careful to be inclusive so that everyone feels welcome. We are so lucky to have him in Fisher!”
  • Lilli Williams
    • Since she joined the advising team in Fisher, Lilli has encountered more than her fair share of difficult interactions with students and their families. She is consistent, thorough, and objective in her approach, and has made my job easier with her careful documentation of challenging situations. She is always student-centered, even – and perhaps especially – in the toughest moments of the job.”
  • David Zach
    • David put in a lot of work this month sorting through ACADAOS membership accounts. This is a time-consuming and often frustrating process, but by doing this, he was able to identify and resolve some important issues related to membership that will help the organization both grow and be more organized moving forward. Additionally, he gave me a really good idea to help restart a stagnant group project. Thank you, David!!!”

The winners of February’s ACADAOS raffle are…
Evan Stapp & Lilli Williams.
Congratulations to all!

December 2023 Advisor of the Month

As we wrap up the autumn semester, let’s recognize the wonderful things that have happened over the past several months. While we only had one submission for the December Advisor of the Month below, thank you to EVERYONE for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Yeri McClain
    • “Yeri has gone above and beyond for our students! She has also spearheaded the implementation of crucial systems within our office that has advanced our impact with student outreach. She is amazing!”

Also, don’t forget to use this quarter’s Lifestyle Spending Account funds by December 31st and submit claims by January 15th! (https://hr.osu.edu/benefits/lsa/) Have a great holiday season!

November 2023 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done over autumn semester so far! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Kendall Coffman
    • Kendall has chaired the Fisher Undergraduate Programs Wellness Committee for the past year and has done an exceptional job with this role. He has led his committee in planning virtual and in-person events for a staff that has grown considerably since COVID started and has played an instrumental role in community building within our office. From organizing potlucks to happy hours to staff Jeopardy! games, he has played an important part in making UGP a great place to work. Kendall, we all appreciate you and your leadership!”
  • Rachel DeGenaro
    • Rachel has been teaching our one, large section of survey for our new first year students this year and has been absolutely knocking it out of the ball park. She’s done a wonderful job with the class and even facilitated a large faculty panel for our students which was extremely well received. She’s just been an amazing co-worker and advisor!”
  • Jaimi Knisley
    • Jaimi Knisley has been a great resource for onboarding new Fisher advisors in the middle of SP24 scheduling. Her enthusiasm and experience have been so helpful during this very busy time.”
  • Jessica Luttrell
    • Jessica advises not just the social work program on the OSU Mansfield campus but also all of the CCP students. She works tirelessly to support all of her students in their academic endeavors, giving them the guidance and advice they need to hear in a way that they want to listen. I regularly go to Jessica for advice on mentoring students through difficult situations and appreciate her honesty, expertise, and professionalism.”
  • Jacquez Printup
    • Jacquez has had to handle some very confrontational parents during scheduling for spring semester and has responded to each incident with grace and kindness. His patience with these families has been appreciated!”
  • Jamie Stima
    • Incredibly hard worker; fast learner, willingness to take on any task that needs to be done.”

The winners of November’s ACADAOS raffle are…
Kendall Coffman & Jacquez Printup.
Congratulations to all!

September & October 2023 Advisors of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done over autumn semester so far! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!


  • Tyshawna Frazer-New and Shea Davis
    • Tyshawna and Shea are our two newest advisors in Exploration and they are such great additions to our team! They have jumped right in during a busy time and provided our team and our students with valuable insights and a commitment to the work in the deepest sense. They even both jumped into working with students in our Zoom express advising appointments with no hesitation or fear. Very grateful to have them on board!”
  • Caitlin Burden
    • Caitlin goes the extra mile in helping students, especially as it relates to getting into proper math classes. She puts together the Red Zone sheet to flag students in wrong math classes, she does the pre-req checks and AP checks to ensure proper placement, she assists with transfer credit reviews of incoming math classes, and this year volunteered to help out with monitoring the Zoom rooms for the Calculus Advising sessions, in addition to responding to a large volume of incoming emails and in-person add/drop requests. In addition to the high volume, what really sets Caitlin apart is the cheery demeanor, empathy and care that she brings forth daily to her work which makes a positive difference for the students and her colleagues. Thank you Caitlin!”
  • Drake Hankins
    • Drake began at HRS and Ohio State in January 2023. He jumped right in! Drake seamlessly stepped into the role of lead academic advisor for freshman and transfer orientation, ensuring a smooth transition despite the departure of the previous lead advisor. His ability to quickly adapt to this new responsibility and maintain the continuity of the program was commendable. Drake did a fantastic job leading our office through freshman and transfer orientation, as evidenced by student evaluations. In a short period of time, Drake has made a remarkable contribution to our office and Ohio State.”
  • Lisa Long
    • Lisa has been here for just under a year and has done an amazing job and hit the ground running. She’s taken the initiative on several things within the office and has been a tremendous asset. I am very thankful to have her as a colleague and friend.”
  • Jeanne Mauriocourt
    • Jeanne assumed the managerial advising duties last year and she has gone above and beyond to keep the advising group going as a team and is appreciated by those of us she supervises. It was not easy as there was very little time to learn what needed to be done, but Jeanne did it! She continues to learn and help all of be the best version of ourselves. Jeanne should be recognized for her continued efforts on behalf of this campus.”
    • “Jeanne has become our Advising Manager along with her advising duties and she works tirelessly for us in support, answering questions, giving us guidance all while taking care of her own students.”
    • Jeanne was recently promoted into the academic advising manager position on our campus and has been doing the work of a manager for many months prior. She has done a fantastic job of helping our advising team stay cohesive as well as facilitate better communication and connections with the other offices on our campus. She is always available for questions or concerns, be they from a student or advisor, and is the first to offer assistance if someone is overloaded. She goes above and beyond every day and does so with a smile and understanding ear.”
    • She has stepped into her lead role with such grace and fierceness! If she does not know the answer, she will quickly find it and supports our team to the upmost. In knowing that Jeanne is leading our team confirms how much growth we will display and makes tough days so much easier. She is awesome!”
  • Andréa Severson
    • Andréa Severson is an amazing instructor, advisor, colleague, mentor, and friend. In addition to Andréa’s teaching and advising duties, she also has recently taken on the lead of supervising our college’s new recruiter. Andréa is also holding weekly check-ins with our graduating students to provide additional student support. She does all of this with such grace, kindness, and ease. She helps keep us centered and calm. Students love her. One student in particular was so moved by a quote that Andréa shared in class that the student got that quote tattooed on their body. We are so lucky to have her in the College of Social Work.”
  • Ashley Sweaney
    • “I greatly appreciate Ashley’s willingness to step up without hesitation and follow through with such detail and efficiency working with one of my students with a time sensitive situation while I was out of the office. I feel confident that my student is on track and was supported while I was out. In general-she rocks!”


  • Joe Brately
    • In addition to his daily tasks as a senior advisor, Joe has taken on a leadership role with our recent recruiting and interviewing process for new Fisher College advisors. Joe’s strategic thinking helped us to bring in a fantastic pool of applicants and made for a very smooth process for everyone involved.”
  • Rachel DeGenaro
    • During survey this autumn, Rachel organized a faculty panel for our freshman. She brought in 6+ faculty members for students to meet and learn about their research. This is going to serve our students well to help them feel connected to their major and School. Thank you, Rachel!”
  • Keenan Hamilton
    • In this last month, Keenan has taken on some challenging student situations and has done so with grace and a spirit of supporting our students. All of us in the Fisher College Undergraduate Programs Office are so appreciative of Keenan’s professionalism and kindness!”
  • Liz McGinnis
    • Liz was very helpful with review of a project I was working on. The second set of eyes to help with edits was greatly appreciated.”
  • Dr. Jordan Schoonover
    • Jordan joined our advising team in the spring, and recently became part of our honors advising team. She is detail-oriented and quick to complete items. Dr. Schoonover sees a potential issue and jumps right in to help before the rest of us realize there is an issue. She brings humor and excellent medieval knowledge to everything she does. Did I mention she has her PhD in Medieval History?! She is a delight to work with, and we are so lucky to have her on our team.”
  • Marissa Stewart
    • Marissa in her one year of advising in the Department of Art has really been a great resource and support for her students. She is dynamic in her approach to their academic journey and as the only advisor in the department balances things so well. Students feel more engaged, confident and knowledgeable every time they leave her office.”


The winners of September’s ACADAOS raffle are…
Drake Hankins & Jeanne Mauriocourt
while the winners of October’s ACADAOS raffle are…
Rachel DeGenaro & Dr. Jordan Schoonover!
Congratulations to all!

April 2023 Advisor of the Month

Before jumping into April’s advisors of the month, I want to re-congratulate the winners of this year’s ACADAOS awards. You can read through their blurbs in the End of Year Banquet program here.

Outstanding New Advisor Award Winner: Emilia Louy

Mary Bailey Advising Award Winners: Alison Baker & Heather Kerr

Melinda McDonald Advising Administrator Award Winner: Cory Matyas

Now, onto April!

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this past month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • EXP KCC Squad Advisors: Kathryn Dove, Ericka Gunn, Margaret Nevrekar, Kennetia Ratleff-Horton, and Dominique Todd
    • This group of outstanding advisors works with some of the most challenging student situations, dealing with transfer and campus change students in Exploration. They often have to have the hard conversations with students about reimagining their academic path and helping them find new ways to achieve their goals. Somehow, they still approach each student with a smile and compassion. I feel honored to work with this amazing team of advisors.”
  • Michelle Daymon & Brandon Hines
    • Major kudos to Michelle and Brandon, co-chairs of the 2022-23 Awards & Recognition Committee, for successfully organizing the first in-person ACADAOS end-of-year banquet since 2019! The committee this year was small (but mighty!), and the four-year gap since the last in-person event means that there was a lot of extra work to re-establish old norms and processes and make new ones as well. They did an excellent job navigating unexpected challenges, both beforehand and on the day of, to provide an enjoyable experience for all!”
  • Margaux Karp & Kim Wickham
    • Margaux and Kim joined the Central Support for Academic Advising team during Autumn semester. They have already had experience supporting Business, HRS, EHE, and other areas. In addition, they reached out to students at the beginning of Spring who were repeating a course for the 3rd time to help them change their class schedules, and they also sent positive recognition messages for students who had significantly improved their Autumn GPA (compared to their cumulative GPA) which was very well received by students. More than that, they have contributed at least 40 hours each to planning, offering, and supporting both the Holistic Advising and Wellness Day on March 28th and the Advising To Careers conference on April 21st. They are creative, student centered, team oriented advisors who deserve to be recognized for their hard work.”
  • Alisa Paulsen
    • Alisa is a great Advising Administrator. She takes the time to acknowledge the time, work, and efforts put forward by our advising team to support our large major. Her thoughtfulness during Advisor appreciation week and throughout the year is great appreciated.”

The winners of this month’s ACADAOS raffle are… Margaux Karp & Kim Wickham! Congratulations!