In ACADAOS, we would like to offer advisors many opportunities for professional development, as well as to promote camaraderie and recognition in academic advising. All advisors and friends of advising are welcome to attend events hosted by ACADAOS. Members of ACADAOS are invited to participate in more professional development events, including webinars, workshops, and article/book discussions about academic advising. Any events restricted to ACADAOS members will be listed as “MEMBERS ONLY.”

Signature Events

The following our some of the events that ACADAOS has come to be known for.

Annual Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

Annually in the Spring we get together to enjoy a good meal and honor members of the advising communities in various ways. Beside to check out the Awards section of this site to read about our awards and past winners.

Advisor Appreciation Week

Each year, ACADAOS and the Office of Academic Student Academic Success dedicate a week to celebrating you – the academic advisor! Advisors work hard to support student success and this week is all about taking the time to appreciate YOU!

Social Outings- Members Only

As academic advisors, we are often separated into our colleges and units, and we don’t often get the opportunity to socialize with advisors in other areas. Even though we have different students populations and different responsibilities, it is so nice to be able to talk to other people who understand what it’s like to be an advisor and have that support of an advising community. We work together to fix the ‘lows’ and come together to celebrate the ‘highs’! Some of our favorite outings are happy hours, sporting events, and local arts activities. We also like to lend a hand in the community through service opportunities! We’ve shifted to hosting virtual happy hours and meet-ups, and hope to continue to offer more virtual opportunities.

Advisor Meet-up Groups

Meet-up groups are forming around common interests. Contact the point person of the group to join. If there is no point person and you’d like to connect with the members, or to propose a new Meetup Group you’d like to start, email Kris Wethington (.2)

  • Parents of Children with Disabilities – Katie Watkins (.541)’
  • Working Parents – Kennetia Ratleff-Horton (.1)
  • Sports/Fitness – Melissa Basford (.18)
  • Music Lovers – Emily Klepinger (.13)
  • Board & Table-Top Gaming – Matt DeBlieck (.2) & Michelle Daymon (.1)
  • Young Professionals 
  • I <3 Columbus 
  • Living an Intentional/Minimalist Life 
  • Book/Article Club 
  • Sport Fans
  • Knitting/Crochet

Regional Campus Visits

As Ohio State is one University, one of the aims of ACADAOS is to bring advisors from all campuses together. Each year, members of ACADAOS from the Columbus campus travel to one of the regional campuses for a professional development opportunity with the academic advisors on that campus.


ACADAOS is focused on professional development for advisors. One way to attend a a professional development session without traveling to a conference is a webinar. A webinar is a live event presented over the Internet. ACADAOS purchases and presents NACADA webinars for ACADAOS members.