The reason why I study in OSU


The reason why I choose to study in the Ohio State University is just because I have heard from my classmates and some internet media that this school is great at Computer Science which is my major. By the same time, I think Ohio is also a good place to study. The weather here is great, the environment here is peaceful and great for studying. That is the reason why I would choose OSU as my university. The reason that why I choose Computer Science as my major is just because I have a deep obsession to the electronics like smartphone, laptop, PC, etc. And I want to be an engineer of computer science one day. And I guess my dream would come true one day.


My past


I was born in a city named Xiangtan which is located at the southern of China.  My parents are both doctor and my family moved to Changsha which is the capital city of Hunan province. That is a beautiful city and got lots of delicious food. The people there are really kind. My high school which is named The high school attached to Hunan normal university is one of the best university in my city and my province. My classmates in high school are kind people, they always could help me out when I’m in trouble. And I think that is part of reason why I come to the OSU. It is because this city is as nice as my hometown and the people here are so kind too. And I love my hometown and the Columbus.

My Current Situation

Today is Aug/26/2018,

the second weekend that I spend in this beautiful and energetic school. Everything here could always surprise me. Yesterday me and my friend went to the downtown of the Columbus. There are lots of tall building and big shopping mall there just like my hometown. Since the day I came to this lovely city, I makes lots of friends here. Part of them are foreign, however, no matter where they came from, I love them all. Another thing makes me happy is that the food here is so delicious, no matter they are came from school traditions or from some small restaurants on the high street. Last not least, I love Columbus and Ohio.