Blog Post for Module 7

Hi guys, this week I studied how to keep my self motivated through module 7 of ESEPSY 1159.  ANd the most useful thing that I found in this module is the value of sleep and how to fall in sleep in a short time. I used to be a person who usually stay up late to play video games.  It is unhealthy and hurts my body. After watching the video ” The benefit of a good night”, I realized that I need to relate my schedule of sleep to keep the efficiency of study and healthy. Besides sleeping, one more thing in this module that I have already in use is the way to keep myself from being distracted. In a world full of various distractions, it is really hard for us to focus on one thing. Thus we have to eliminate those possible distractions before we are plan to focus on something. And the way I’m using is to leave all my electronics except my laptop in another room, thus I can focus on whatever I want to do. And there is also one tip that I want to try it out in the future, it is taking breaks from time to time. And I think that definitely can help me be more efficient in my work. That is all I want to share for this week.

Post for Searching and Researching Blog

Hey guys, this is my post reflection for module 6 of ESEPSY 1159: searching and researching. And the first thing I would like to mention is the most useful tool that I learned in this module which is how to determine the reliability of the article. When we are writing a paper or an article, We will always tend to reference resources from another article that can support our point. But the problem is how can we make sure that the information or the argument in the reference article is correct? In other words, how can we confirm the reliability of the article? Well, the first thing that we should do is to check that if any credentials of the author are listed on that article since the higher education the author received the more reliable his/her article can be. After that, one thing we should also be careful about is that if the article is from a famous publisher or organization. If it is, then the article is more likely to be reliable. Besides reliability, the thing I have already put in used is some searching engines like Wikipedia, Google Scholar, etc. Those searching engines can help us easily find reliable and useful resources we need. Thus those can improve the efficiency of writing. And this is all I want to share from this module.

Blog For Listenling and and Viewing Strategies

Hey guys, this week I have learned the skills for listening and viewing. As we all know, viewing and listening is a great part of our daily class. And we need to do well on it to get a successful academic life. So the first thing, listening is a big part of it. We mainly listening to what our teacher says during most of our class time. And most of the time, teachers deliver the important information that we need by speaking. So how can we do well on listening? Well, the first thing we need to do is to be an active listener. To be an active listener means that we are not just sitting back there and listen to what speakers say. We need to be actively thinking about what does speakers want to say next and the logical connection between his/her words. By doing this, we can achieve better results in our classes. Then, viewing is also a big part of our academic life. The strategy that  I have learned from this module is to make some graphical records that can enable us to understand our class material better. For example, I made the graph about programming language on, and I find out I can better remember the invention time of those programming languages and what is their key features.

Post for Online Study Tools ESEPSY 1159

In this week, I study through the module named “Online Study Tools”. This module mainly introduces some useful online tools that I can use to improve my grade and study. In the module, I learned that there are a lot of useful websites and applications that we can utilize to improve the efficiency and quality of our study time. And one of my favorite tools is a website named Quizlet, it is an amazing website with a lot of great quiz cards. Every time I’m going to have an exam, I will check out Quizlet to see if there are any review Quiz cards that others make for the exam. And for most of my courses, I can find a lot of relative quiz cards that I can study at. Besides Quizlet, another tool I would like to recommend is Youtube. Even I have know Youtube for a long time. I usually watch funny or gaming videos on it. However, after taking this module, I find out that there are lots of well-made delicate academic videos on there. Those videos are so good that I wish I can find out those valuable resources sooner. And that is all I want to share for this module.

post for ESEPSY 1159 module 3

In this week, I have learned various ways to manage and utilize my time. And the most useful way, in my opinion, is making a calendar to track my time every day. Because I think that everyone has equal time and the only difference that will influence how much things we did every day is efficiency. And making a calendar to track what we did can help us to utilize our time more efficiently. Besides time tracking calendar, there is one thing that I am currently using and find it useful, and it is breaking down. Breaking down means break one challenging task into some smaller easier tasks. By doing this, we are able to finish the hard task step by step and thus it can prevent procrastination. After that, I think I can use the time tracking calendar in my academic life. It is because I do not really know how to maximize my efficiency, thus I wasted a lot of time on some meanless things. If I can track my time every day, my efficiency of study can be improved a lot thus I’m able to study more knowledge after that. In total, it is really important to manage our time since we only get limited time.

Post for ESEPSY 1159 module 2

Hello everyone, I’m Boru Zhu and this is my blog post for ESEPY 1159 module 2. During this week, I have learned a lot of effective tips about online communication and learning. And the one that I would like to share with you guys is academic mailing. Sending mail is still one of our main way to communicate with others online. In the academic world, it is the same. However, the genre of the academic mail is different from our normal daily mail in several aspects. The first thing is that we have to put the receiver’s name at the beginning of the mail, and we should never use some casual words like “hey”, “yo”, “what’s up” in our academic mail. Then, we should not use some online language like “lol”, “lmao”, “rofl” when we work on our academic mail since those words will make our mail looks disrespectful and informal. One more thing that we should take care of is that we should check our spelling and grammar mistakes when we writing academic mail. By doing this, you can show that you do take the mail seriously and expect a serious answer too. And those are the most important things writing our academic mail I have learned in this module.

The reason why I study in OSU


The reason why I choose to study in the Ohio State University is just because I have heard from my classmates and some internet media that this school is great at Computer Science which is my major. By the same time, I think Ohio is also a good place to study. The weather here is great, the environment here is peaceful and great for studying. That is the reason why I would choose OSU as my university. The reason that why I choose Computer Science as my major is just because I have a deep obsession to the electronics like smartphone, laptop, PC, etc. And I want to be an engineer of computer science one day. And I guess my dream would come true one day.


My past


I was born in a city named Xiangtan which is located at the southern of China.  My parents are both doctor and my family moved to Changsha which is the capital city of Hunan province. That is a beautiful city and got lots of delicious food. The people there are really kind. My high school which is named The high school attached to Hunan normal university is one of the best university in my city and my province. My classmates in high school are kind people, they always could help me out when I’m in trouble. And I think that is part of reason why I come to the OSU. It is because this city is as nice as my hometown and the people here are so kind too. And I love my hometown and the Columbus.

My Current Situation

Today is Aug/26/2018,

the second weekend that I spend in this beautiful and energetic school. Everything here could always surprise me. Yesterday me and my friend went to the downtown of the Columbus. There are lots of tall building and big shopping mall there just like my hometown. Since the day I came to this lovely city, I makes lots of friends here. Part of them are foreign, however, no matter where they came from, I love them all. Another thing makes me happy is that the food here is so delicious, no matter they are came from school traditions or from some small restaurants on the high street. Last not least, I love Columbus and Ohio.