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University Extension shine light on edu and tech

David C. Manderscheid shares personal and professional updates

Tips for Grads: Moving U.OSU

So you’re graduating, congratulations! Countless emails about Commencement, looming alumni status, and your last round of finals are (un)welcome reminders that college is coming to a close. To make this process a bit less painful, here are a few quick tips for¬†retaining your U.OSU site content. When you graduate your name.# access will cease along with ¬†your U.OSU access. Whether you’ve utilized the U.OSU platform to create a personal portfolio, manage the page for an extracurricular, or blog your study abroad adventures, you might want to preserve your content. It’s quite simple to save your content by exporting it to…

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Stats 101: Analytics for U.OSU

The new stats widget is up and running! Whether you’re an analytics novice or an SEO master, here’s a quick breakdown of the WordPress statistics functions for your reference. Where is it? You can locate the stats widget in two locations: look near the bottom of your Dashboard (you can drag it to more prominent real estate on your page if you so choose) or find the Statistics tab in the sidebar below Home and My Sites. What can it tell me? The stats widget allows you to see analytics on your site visitors for the past month, three months,…

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We Really Like It, We Want More

You might notice that the default U.OSU display settings show entire blog posts rather than snippets of your recent entries. This can make browsing through headlines a serious workout for your scroller. A quick, simple way to keep your blog roll nice and tidy is to include Read More tags in your posts.   When writing a post, find the best point to insert a break in your content, click the “Insert More Tag” button, and voila! You will see the “Read More” line across your post. Anything above that break will be displayed from your blog’s front page, and…

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