Photo Reflection

The first job they recommend to me is the configuration manager. Although it does not require a specific degree level in order to get this job, most of them got a bachelor degree or higher.

Working experience with the technology is required for nearly all the company. This work requires applicants to be capable of maintaining specific application and software to ensure it runs smoothly. It also means the engineers are familiar with both legacy and modern system at the same time and able to work with several department. Most of configuration manager working indoor with the computers normally. And sometimes overtime working is required to accomplish some project.


-From NCR “Radiant Configuration Manager”

And I think this job really suitable for me, since my major is Computer Engineering Science which is actually colsely relate to the job. What’s more, I love this job because I,m interested in electronics and software development since I was a child and this job earns a lot compares to other jobs. And I guess this work requires experience of work more than that of study. And I plan to try to find a job after finishing my undergraduate courses. Furthermore, when it comes to the comparism between satisfaction and salary, I prefer the high salary. Because work for me is just a way to earn a life, so the salary is important for a job. However, since this is the job that I like, I maight gain satisfaction by the same time earning money for my family.


The second job they recommend is the professional engineer since there are so many types of engineer field, I think I will chose to be a software develop&maintain engineer. The job actually has lots of requirements for the applicants. Those who want to be a engineer should finish the bachelor in the engineering program, apprenticeship for engineering, and pass two exam includes “Fundamentals of Engineering” and “Principles and Practice of Engineering.”. And they should ceaselessly refine their skills during their career life.

-From sokanu “What should a software engineer do?”


I think this job is a prefect choice since this is what I like most in my whole life. And what I am studying is actually the prepairation for the job. To be honest, this is my dream job, and I really want to be a software engineer in a high technolony company like Apple or Google or Microsoft etc. About the money I could earn from this work, I’m pretty satisfy with that though it is not a lot, it still would provides me a decent life. Since this is my dream job, I would do it with satisfaction even they would not privede me any money for my work. If I could get such a job in a decent company, it would be one of the best thing in my life.