post for ESEPSY 1159 module 3

In this week, I have learned various ways to manage and utilize my time. And the most useful way, in my opinion, is making a calendar to track my time every day. Because I think that everyone has equal time and the only difference that will influence how much things we did every day is efficiency. And making a calendar to track what we did can help us to utilize our time more efficiently. Besides time tracking calendar, there is one thing that I am currently using and find it useful, and it is breaking down. Breaking down means break one challenging task into some smaller easier tasks. By doing this, we are able to finish the hard task step by step and thus it can prevent procrastination. After that, I think I can use the time tracking calendar in my academic life. It is because I do not really know how to maximize my efficiency, thus I wasted a lot of time on some meanless things. If I can track my time every day, my efficiency of study can be improved a lot thus I’m able to study more knowledge after that. In total, it is really important to manage our time since we only get limited time.

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