Blog For Listenling and and Viewing Strategies

Hey guys, this week I have learned the skills for listening and viewing. As we all know, viewing and listening is a great part of our daily class. And we need to do well on it to get a successful academic life. So the first thing, listening is a big part of it. We mainly listening to what our teacher says during most of our class time. And most of the time, teachers deliver the important information that we need by speaking. So how can we do well on listening? Well, the first thing we need to do is to be an active listener. To be an active listener means that we are not just sitting back there and listen to what speakers say. We need to be actively thinking about what does speakers want to say next and the logical connection between his/her words. By doing this, we can achieve better results in our classes. Then, viewing is also a big part of our academic life. The strategy that  I have learned from this module is to make some graphical records that can enable us to understand our class material better. For example, I made the graph about programming language on, and I find out I can better remember the invention time of those programming languages and what is their key features.

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