Post for Online Study Tools ESEPSY 1159

In this week, I study through the module named “Online Study Tools”. This module mainly introduces some useful online tools that I can use to improve my grade and study. In the module, I learned that there are a lot of useful websites and applications that we can utilize to improve the efficiency and quality of our study time. And one of my favorite tools is a website named Quizlet, it is an amazing website with a lot of great quiz cards. Every time I’m going to have an exam, I will check out Quizlet to see if there are any review Quiz cards that others make for the exam. And for most of my courses, I can find a lot of relative quiz cards that I can study at. Besides Quizlet, another tool I would like to recommend is Youtube. Even I have know Youtube for a long time. I usually watch funny or gaming videos on it. However, after taking this module, I find out that there are lots of well-made delicate academic videos on there. Those videos are so good that I wish I can find out those valuable resources sooner. And that is all I want to share for this module.

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