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Hey guys, this is my post reflection for module 6 of ESEPSY 1159: searching and researching. And the first thing I would like to mention is the most useful tool that I learned in this module which is how to determine the reliability of the article. When we are writing a paper or an article, We will always tend to reference resources from another article that can support our point. But the problem is how can we make sure that the information or the argument in the reference article is correct? In other words, how can we confirm the reliability of the article? Well, the first thing that we should do is to check that if any credentials of the author are listed on that article since the higher education the author received the more reliable his/her article can be. After that, one thing we should also be careful about is that if the article is from a famous publisher or organization. If it is, then the article is more likely to be reliable. Besides reliability, the thing I have already put in used is some searching engines like Wikipedia, Google Scholar, etc. Those searching engines can help us easily find reliable and useful resources we need. Thus those can improve the efficiency of writing. And this is all I want to share from this module.

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