Rabbit Tattooing – August 28

Tattooing will be available for all rabbits on August 28 from 9:00 AM to noon in the Fairgrounds Event Center. All market rabbits MUST be tattooed by the committee. If you have a pet or breeding rabbit, you are welcome to have someone else, such as the breeder, tattoo the rabbit for you. All rabbits must be tattooed to be able to exhibit at the fair. Purchased market rabbits are REQUIRED to attend the August 28 tattoo date. If they do not attend, they cannot exhibit at the fair. The exhibitor does not have to be present, just the rabbits. You may only bring six purchased market rabbits to be tattooed. Bred, Born, and Raised rabbits are HIGHLY encouraged to attend the August 28th tattooing. There is no tattoo limit for BBR market rabbits.

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