Buyer’s Letters for Market Livestock Projects

Why should you write a buyer’s letter?  A buyer’s letter is a letter that a 4-H member sends out to potential buyers before the fair to tell them a little about themselves and their animal, and to invite them to the fair and livestock auction. It is your responsibility to help get new and returning buyers to come to the livestock sales. Some people come to the fair every year and buy one or more animals, but without new buyers, a time may come where there aren’t enough buyers to purchase all the animals.  New buyers or returning buyers that are happy with the letters they have received are more likely to come to the fair and pay the premium prices we all enjoy receiving for our animals. Buyers pay far more than the market value of the animals we sell and it is up to the individual exhibitor to encourage as many potential buyers as possible to come to the  fair and bid on their animals. Many buyers have told us that they love personal letters from the 4-H and FFA members.

Click the links below for sample buyer letters, list of last year’s buyers, and help sheet to get you started!

Sample Buyer Letter

1-2-3’s of Marketing Your Project

2020 Buyers List

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