High FIVEs and Other Ways to Meet New Buckeyes!

It’s hard to believe that the first week of orientation is wrapping up today…it’s been FIVE days of fun and learning, that’s for sure! It’s also been a week of making connections. One of the most important parts of orientation is just meeting fellow Buckeyes, both new and old. So in that spirit, I want to share with you FIVE ways to meet new Buckeyes at your orientation.

High Fives. Literally.


Okay, you may be wondering where I am going with this and if I could be serious. I am! It may not actually be high fives, but you will have the opportunity to interact with a small group of students throughout your program and there is nothing the Orientation Leaders (aka Team Red Polo) loves more than a good icebreaker. Don’t be too cool for the icebreakers — everyone is doing them these days and it gives you a chance to get to know other first-year students and to find some common interests. You never know what you may learn from someone and you could meet your future best friend who also likes that one thing you thought no one else loved like you!

Mingle while you munch


Join the Orientation Leaders and other first-year students in the Ohio Union around 5 p.m. to grab dinner and hang out before the evening session. It’s a great way to relax and meet students outside of your small group. For those of you staying in Morrill Tower for the night, introduce yourself to the other students on your floor and make plans to grab breakfast in the morning. This is all good practice for when you are on campus in the fall — many students find it easy to manage their time and friends by doing things like grabbing a bite to eat and catching up at the same time.

RPAC games


There is nothing like some healthy competition! Stick around for the evening activities, especially RPAC games, in order to reconnect with your small group. This is personally one of my favorite activities as an Orientation Leader because I really get the chance to get to know my small groups better. It’s all good fun and there are activities for everyone to participate in while being cheered on by new friends!

It’s as simple as introducing yourself


It may seem awkward to turn to a stranger and introduce yourself, but everyone is in the same boat. Many new students are just as nervous about making friends or meeting new people as you may be. Most likely, your neighbor is going to be relieved to have someone to chat with instead of sitting there in silence waiting for a session to start. Furthermore, you are going to find yourself in groups of people who share the same study areas as you — you may find that you’ll see these students in the fall because you’ll be taking many of the same classes if you share the same major. Even if you don’t see each other in class, you are bound to run into each other in the residence halls or walking across the Oval. Why not get started getting to know each other now?

Follow up and ask questions


Alright, I might be diverging from the whole “new Buckeyes” piece of this blog challenge, but just hear me out. Plus, these Buckeyes are new to you (that counts, right?!) At orientation you have the chance to meet some great upperclassmen as well as professional staff members at the university who want nothing more than to see you succeed in your first year. From your Orientation Leaders, to Hall Directors, to the Ohio Union staff and everyone in between…start making those meaningful connections! We know that you most likely will still have questions when you leave campus, so make sure you are asking for answers! Everyone is more than willing to give you their contact information so that you can use us as resources throughout the summer and your first year. I’m still in contact with my Orientation Leader and a few people I met at orientation because I remained in contact! Don’t let those resources go to waste.

That’s all I got…I hope that this has been helpful to you as you begin to plan your orientation visit. Orientation is the beginning to a wonderful journey as a Buckeye, and it’s my hope that you use these tips to find some people who will be apart of your journey.

Make sure you check back here on Monday for what I’m sure will be an excellent post from Connor MacDowell. His challenge? To tell you about SIX songs that describe the orientation experience. Get excited…I know I am!


KBKCSLS. Some of you may know exactly what I am talking about; others may be scratching their heads – perfectly okay. If you are anything like me in my first year, you are probably looking like


Lets be real – Ohio State is all about the really long acronyms. But ultimately, I think it would be a sin if you went through your whole first year at Ohio State and not check the Keith B Key Center for Student Leadership & Service. It is located on the second floor of the Ohio Union and it is a perfect spot for many reasons (in which I will describe below). Really, it truly is one of my favorite spots on campus!

The Center is a great place for any student to go to connect with others. One the reasons I love it so much is because it is always bustling with students who are very passionate about what they are doing. The Center is the home of over 60 student organization offices, and each organization is required to hold office hours weekly. If you were ever looking to get involved in a student org, you could always stop by their office and talk to a member about their experiences!

The CSLS is also home to Undergraduate Student Government (USG),  the sorority and fraternity councils, and Ohio Union Activities Board. It also houses cohorts through the Union such as Pay it Forward and Student Leadership Advocates. Pay it Forward is responsible for the numerous service opportunities that you get to take part in, such as MLK Day of Service and Community Commitment. Student Leadership Advocates is a group of students trained to facilitate workshops and retreats  for other student orgs.


(This is totally how I assume every Student Life employee at Ohio State feels like when they walk into the center).

So maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “Man, sounds cool, but I’m not sure why I would use that”. Well, think again my friend!


Many people seem to think that the Center is only for students holding office hours, but that is so not the case. There are plenty of study spaces in the center, as well as a resource room that you can utilize. The resource center is a craft-person’s dream – you can get anything from butcher block paper to balloons to pins for your backpack (remember all those nifty ones your Orientation Leader seemed to have? This is the spot.) Also, I just think the Center is really the “living room” of your student experience. As a first-year student, one of the things I missed most was having a couch – since one obviously didn’t fit in my resident hall room. The Center has a very homey atmosphere to hang out in and, thanks to USG, there is even a Mrs. Pacman machine you can play in between class! How fun is that?

Now I hope you are really excited to poke your head in and utilize the center, considering it is such an amazing resource for you as a student of Ohio State! Hope to see you there my friends!