Scarlet Scramble is Back

Did you know University Hall is the real building used as Hollis College in Pretty Little Liars? Or that the first Wendy’s restaurant ever opened was in Columbus? Do you think you can eat a stack of Sloopy’s pancakes faster than anyone else? Then boy do I have an event for you — Scarlet Scramble 2015 is here!

So what is Scarlet Scramble?

It’s a 24-hour campus and city adventure that includes challenges, trivia questions, and clues to decode. Teams compete from 6 p.m. on March 27 to 6 p.m. on March 28 to earn points and win prizes (like Amazon and HOMAGE gift cards). The Scramble is brought to you by First Year Experience, and each team should have at least five first year students, but can have up to five other students (non first-years) too.

You know you want a new HOMAGE shirt.

You know you want a new HOMAGE shirt.

I participated in my first Scarlet Scramble my freshman year and have helped plan it the last two years. It is one of my favorite events on campus because not only do you get a sweet T-shirt just for signing up, you also get to run around campus with your friends, learn something new while you’re doing it, and compete for prizes! Plus you end up with some pretty cool pictures like these.

TBT to Scarlet Scramble 2013

TBT to Scarlet Scramble 2013

TBT to Scar Scram 2014

TBT to Scarlet Scramble 2014

To learn more about #ScarScram2015, check out the video below!

Registration is open until March 9. To sign up for the best time of your life visit

See you March 27!

18 Things You Can Only Experience at Ohio State

Ohio State is a very special place. Here are just some of the things you can do to take advantage of its many incredible opportunites!

1. Learn to love our alma mater. At Ohio State we sing “Carmen Ohio” at the end of athletic events and student organization meetings–and of course at graduation. Get a head start and learn Carmen here!


2. Enjoy the rivalry. Welcome to the winning side of the intense rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan! Go Bucks!


3. Run along the Olentangy Trail. While campus offers state-of-the-art recreational centers, pounding the pavement on the Olentangy Trail can be a nice change of pace in favorable weather. Grab a friend, stay in shape and explore this little piece of nature in an urban setting!


4. Attend an Ohio State football game.
The Ohio Stadium, AKA The Shoe, is a registered historic landmark built in 1922. Today it seats over 100,000 people! Be sure to check out the beautiful rotunda on the way to your first game!

unnamed (1)

5. Play with puppies on the Oval! Many upperclassmen at Ohio State bring their pets to the Oval. Why not stop by and pet a puppy between classes?


6. Visit the rooftop garden of Knowlton Hall. Simply discover its beauty!


7. Take a chocolate science class. To earn one elective credit hour and learn a whole lot about chocolate, enroll in Food Science and Technology 1110.


8. Stroll around campus and notice the amazing variety of architectural styles. From the modernity of the RPAC to the Richardsonian Romanesque style of Orton Hall, there is something for everyone to enjoy on campus.


9. Gather a group of friends and request a tour of the Byrd Polar Research Center. This center collects, maintains and studies ice cores from glaciers. It is one of the leading centers for this type of research in the world!


10. Schedule a visit to the Center for Automotive Research. Here you can learn about one of Ohio State’s research initiatives and visit the Buckeye Bullet, one of the fastest race cars in the world, built entirely by Ohio State students!


11. Head to the 11th floor of Thompson Library. Here you can enjoy stunning views of campus and downtown Columbus.


12. Take in the beauty of the “Winged Victory” sculpture in Thompson Library. The original stands in the Louvre in Paris, but Ohio State has its own replica right here on campus!


13. Go on a Buck-I-SERV trip. While many schools offer alternative break programs, not many are as impressive as the Buck-I-Serv program here at Ohio State. Indulge your wanderlust and help others by applying to one of the many service programs!


14. Get a smoothie at the RPAC! RPAC smoothies are absolutely incredible. Just trust me on this one.


15. Head to the Outdoor Adventure Center (ARC) and climb the 35-foot-tall rock climbing wall! Admission is already included in your student fees. You just need your student ID! Leave your fear of heights at home!

giphy (1)

16. Take the COTA bus to a fancy dinner in the Short North, a trendy neighborhood just south of campus. COTA bus transportation is also included in your fees for the semester — take advantage of it!


17. Take a stroll down the Long Walk of the Oval. If you walk hand in hand with your significant other while the Orton bells are ringing and no one crosses your path, your love is said to last forever!


18. AND FINALLY: Experience the feeling that comes with being a Buckeye! Whether you have already felt it or not, I believe there comes a time in every Buckeye’s life when that person appreciates what it means to be a student at the Ohio State University. For you, that moment may come at orientation or it may come a bit later. But at some point, you will realize you are a Buckeye for life.


So beautiful.

Be sure to catch the next blog post from Cody explaining the 19 Most Important Acronyms at Ohio State!

13 Myths and Traditions of Ohio State

Ohio State is home to many traditions, stories and myths. In this post (coinciding with the 13th day of orientation), I will share a bit of this “Buckeye Spirit” as I explain 13 of my favorite Ohio State myths and traditions!

1. The Hopkins handpaint

Hopkins Hall is home to one of my favorite ghost stories. According to the story, a girl was stuck in an elevator and while struggling to get out she left her handprints all over the elevator doors. Although they say she safely made it out, on the left side of the building you can supposedly see her handprint, a symbol of her struggle inside. Legend has it that no matter how many times someone tries to remove this print it always reemerges.

2. Oval Beach

The Oval (known by many as “Oval beach”), the grassy field on central campus, is a great place to socialize and relax when the weather is favorable. Make sure you have a beach towel ready for those warm days of spring when this local paradise comes to life with activity.


3. Mirror Lake tug of war

Historically, Ohio State’s freshman and sophomore classes had a tug of war competition stretching over Mirror Lake every year. (One may assume the losers had wished that had brought a change of clothes!) Today however, students no longer partake in this tradition.

 4. Welcome Week concert

Before classes start in the fall, the Ohio Union Activities Board organizes a concert. During the past two years, big-name artists such as Krewella, Lady Antebellum, One Republic, 2 Chainz and Big Sean have preformed. In my opinion, the best part about this concert is that you do not have to purchase the tickets, as a student you simply just show up!


 5. Love stories

Ohio State has many traditions rooted in love. Some include a classic first date at Mirror Lake, a marriage proposal through the Hayes Hall whispering arch or going down the Oval long walk with your partner (granted, legend has it that no one can cross your path and the bells of Orton Tower must be ringing in order for “your love to last forever”). Whatever the circumstances, chances are you can find opportunities for romance here at Ohio State!

6. Light up the Lake

Before the holiday season starts in the fall, Ohio Staters Inc. decorates the trees of Mirror Lake with beautiful holiday lights. Before you graduate, be sure to grab your friends and attend this incredible event.

 7. Afro Duck

The myth, the legend, the duck. Ohio State’s Afro Duck has become a campus celebrity. Some hypothesize that Afro Duck has a tumor, while others claim that its afro is a symbol marking his “alpha” status among his fellow ducks. The truth is though that Afro Duck is part of the crested mallard species. Make sure to follow him on twitter @OSUafroduck to stay up to date on his tweets!



8. Pomerene pool

Despite the common misconception, Pomerene Hall no longer has an indoor pool. Once known as the “Women’s Union,” Pomerene Hall was reserved for Ohio State’s female students and included a gymnasium, lounge and pool.

9. Beat *ichigan Week

During the week leading up the The Game, students rally together and create various events to show school spirit. For example, students use red tape to cross out all of the letter Ms on campus buildings and signs in order to contest our rival, That Team Up North.

10. Ohio State only cares for football

False! Although many students rally behind their football team, Ohio State is not just its football team. The university is full of opportunities for excitement, regardless of whether you care for sports or football! Use our climbing wall, experience downtown Columbus, visit the cartoon museum or see the giant sloth skeleton in Orton Hall to find your own avenue of excitement!

11. We love the word Ohio

We don’t care if it’s Script Ohio on the field, singing “Carmen Ohio” throughout the year or taking an O-H-I-O picture with your newest friends, we love any excuse to say Ohio. Eventually, when you hear someone call, “O-H!” you may find it second nature to holler back, “I-O!”


12. Orton bell tower

Want a different view of Orton Hall? Ohio Staters Inc. can actually take you to see inside the bell tower. Just register your group through their website and they’ll make arrangements to take you to the top!

13. Buckeyes are only in Ohio

This is a myth! It turns out that Ohio State has one of the largest alumni networks in the country. This becomes apparent when you travel out of state. For many international travelers wearing Buckeye gear, out of nowhere random people have noticed their attire and responded to “the silent call of Buckeye love” by signaling O-H with their arms.

For me, it is the greatest feeling in the world to know that the Ohio State family stretches across the world and that I am never far from my Buckeye family.

Make sure to check us out on Friday when Sumedha lists The Freshman 15: The Fifteen Things You Should Eat Around Campus.

Your Summer Playlist: 6 Songs to Describe Orientation

Hello again, everyone! I’m so excited to be back on First Things First, but I’m especially excited because I get to talk about a few things that I just love: summer, music and Ohio State Orientation.

Every summer there’s a slew of new music released (I’m loving “Problem” by Ariana Grande right now FYI). So whether you’re dancing around your bedroom or driving with the windows down on a summer night, there’s nothing like some good music to make everything right.

Today I’m super pumped to share 6 songs with you that describe the orientation experience. So pull up Spotify or grab your iPod and let’s make a playlist for your summer orientation.


1. “Wide Awake” – Katy Perry

When you show up to orientation on that first morning, it is EARLY. Whether you’re traveling five miles or 5,000 miles, it is rarely fun to get up early. However, I encourage you to arise and soak in the experience. This is your first introduction to Ohio State as an official Buckeye. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and enjoy those icebreakers, pay attention to the sessions and ask questions. Make sure that you’re wide awake and ready to make the most of your orientation experience.

2. “Ain’t It Fun” –  Paramore

Like I said before, orientation is probably your first time at Ohio State with your future classmates and peers. HAVE FUN! Why not? To quote the song, “don’t go crying to your mama.” This isn’t a sad time, it’s happy! Talk to as many people as you can, enjoy yourself at the evening activities at the RPAC and laugh as hard as you can during Orientation Night Live (the comedy show put on by the Orientation Leaders). Ain’t it fun? It should be!

3. “Carmen Ohio” – Ohio State’s Alma Mater

Of course I had to sneak “Carmen Ohio” onto this list. Perhaps unlike many other schools across the country, I can honestly testify that Ohio State students truly treasure their alma mater. This song is sung at the end of every football game, after club and organization meetings and at both Convocation and Commencement. The song is all about tradition, friendship and loving your Ohio State home. What better time to learn it than at orientation? (Yes, you will sing “Carmen Ohio” at orientation). This little song is a crown jewel of Ohio State and it continues to give me chills whenever I hear it.


4. “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen

You’re going to meet so many new people at orientation. It may be at the opening session, in your small group, at dinner, or a multitude of other places. These people could be the first of your classmates that you befriend. Don’t hesitate to call them (but who am I kidding: nobody calls anybody anymore), text them, or add them on social media. There is nothing wrong with staying connected on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before school begins in the fall. Who knows, maybe someone you meet could end up being your friend, roommate, or significant other. Call them maybe?

5. “Clarity” – Zedd ft. Foxes

After your orientation, you’re going to have accomplished many things. You will have your classes scheduled, you will have tons of information about different resources and services available on campus and hopefully you will have made some new friends. This is what I call clarity, one of the best feelings in the world. I remember feeling so relieved after my orientation. Although I was initially nervous about my transition to college, after I attended my freshman orientation, this nervousness was replaced by readiness and excitement. I hope you will also achieve a sense of clarity, confidence and excitement for your first year once you’ve gone through your own orientation.

6. “Home” – Phillip Phillips

For so many people, orientation can be scary. You may be nervous about scheduling classes, meeting new people and potentially going out of your comfort zone. But there is no need to worry. This is your home now. Soak in the beauty of the Oval and campus both during the day and at night on your moonlight tour. Ask as many questions as you can. And relax, because this is a place where you will be able to grow and learn over the next several years.


Welcome home and please enjoy your orientation, this playlist, and all that Ohio State has to offer. To me it’s like a good song that I just play on repeat. I hope the same can be said for you very soon.

Up next, the lovely and wonderful Lisa Combs will be sharing with you something that she knows quite a lot about: love. Her challenge is to list 8 ways that your first year is like falling in love. I’m already stoked to see what she has to say.

Charging my iPod,


Orientation in 140 Characters or Fewer

No matter where you are traveling from this summer, orientation is a great place to connect with other first-year students and to learn about campus resources.

However, how can you stay connected at orientation and beyond?

The options are limitless.

Facebook, email, good ole’ phone number? All are great options, but what we use most with orientation is Twitter. As an Orientation Leader entering my second summer working with new students, I find that Twitter is a great platform for quick connections and can be used in so many ways at Ohio State. So why not get a head start at orientation?

You might not have a clue what goes on at orientation…and that’s okay! Below are 24 ways to experience your Ohio State orientation (in 140 characters or fewer).

6:30AM: Currently headed to Ohio State for orientation. Hoping Mom was kidding when she said we did not have time to stop for coffee. #TooEarly

 7:45AM: WE MADE IT! *Drake voice*

7:53AM: Wait…how are these people so excited to give Mom and me parking passes? How much coffee have they had?

8:01AM: As if the parking people were not excited, I was just greeted by the most energetic guy. Is he a student or nahh? #WhereAmI

9:45AM: This man just had the out-of-state students stand up. He should ask if anyone needs more coffee and I would be like hi, pick me.

10:47AM: Just learned that these peppy people in red polos are actual students. They also talk loudly and walk backwards….prerequisite?

11:32AM: Was not crazy about the idea of “icebreakers” but it turned out to be fab. My small group is the best! #TeamBigBucks

12:27PM: YAS pizza. Love me some ‘za.

12:45PM: How many humans can fit in this place? #IndependenceHall #new2osu

1:37PM: Shout out to all the parents asking all these questions. May or may not have been wondering similar things.. #DBBS

2:32PM: The people in this academic session are so nice! #SpecialEdMajor #EHE #new2osu

4:05PM: Officially have my BuckID! Does this make this whole college thing real? Loving it!

4:25PM: Excited to be living in @SmithSteebHallOSU next year! Who’s with me?! #OSU18

5:27PM: Pasta and burgers and salads oh my! Options for days. Not mad about it.

6:45PM: Looking forward to the Involvement Fair in the fall. Over 1000 student orgs. HOW!?

8:47PM: #TeamBigBucks coming in hot to the RPAC to win these games. #new2osu

10:20PM: Was not expecting to laugh this hard at Orientation. #ONL #OSU18

11:17PM: The OL giving this tour is cracking jokes about some “long walk.” #OSUTraditions

12:32AM: Crazy to think I am in an actual res hall for the night. Soo college.

9:17AM: Mom, where are you? Session is starting soon! #LOTC

10:32AM: Meeting people from @OhioStResLife this morning makes me want to move into @SmithSteebHallOSU right now!

12:47PM: Classes are officially scheduled for Fall ‘14. Only one 8AM class two days a week. WAHHOOO!

1:23PM: Just picked up #TheGlassCastle for the #BBCBook at @OhioStBookstore.

2:45PM: What a great two days at Ohio State! Looking forward to the fall and seeing all of #TeamBigBucks on campus. #OSU18

Looking for more than 140 characters? Download the Ohio State Orientation guide on the Guidebook app or visit our Guidebook website.

37 Things First-Year Students Experienced This Year

With finals occupying your brain (along with the distraction caused by Ohio’s long lost friend — the sun), it may be difficult to find time to reflect on the moments and milestones that shaped your first year. In an effort to help with that process, fellow FYE staff member, Nicole Craven, and I have provided a condensed overview for your reflecting pleasure.

37 weeks. 37 thoughts. All in 90 seconds or less.

  1. Aug 15 How am I ever going to fit this stuff into one car?
  2. Aug 22 Thank goodness I have this OSU mobile app — no one knows I am a new student.
  3. Aug 29 How do I get off of all these student organization email listservs?!?
  4. Sept 5 Got on the CLN, thinking it was the CLS. Again.
  5. Sept 12 Another day, another free event. #StudentPerks
  6. Sept 19 Got my group project assignment. Everyone but me is from Cleveland.
  7. Sept 26 That chemistry exam did NOT go as anticipated.
  8. Oct 3 This curve thing is glorious.
  9. Oct 10 Will there ever be a day when there isn’t a line at Courtside Cafe?
  10. Oct 17 It’s Homecoming Week! Go Buckeyes! Beat the Hawkeyes!
  11. Oct 24 Our marching band is better than your marching band. #Moonwalk #Viral
  12. Oct 31 So, is dressing up for Halloween like a thing in college?
  13. Nov 7 11:57 p.m….two minutes left to submit my Success Series reflection. Let’s do this.
  14. Nov 14 Just registered for spring semester. No classes until 9 a.m. Yesssssss.
  15. Nov 21 So excited to have a 4-bedroom house on Waldeck next year with 15 of my closest buddies.
  16. Nov 28 Happy Thanksgiving! T-minus 48 hours until we play TTUN!
  17. Dec 5 Only three finals stand between me and the Big 10 championship game. #Undefeated
  18. Dec 12 Done with finals. Done rooting for the Buckeyes. #Defeated
  19. Dec 19 Home for break! It’s great to see these hometown friends!
  20. Dec 26 These hometown friends have got to go.
  21. Jan 2 New year, new semester. Ready to return to my second home!
  22. Jan 9 Never in my life have I been so cold.
  23. Jan 16 Seriously.
  24. Jan 23 So many Uggs. So much North Face.
  25. Jan 30 Welcome, new President Drake! That OSU mobile app is clutch.
  26. Feb 6 I should start using the RPAC again.
  27. Feb 13 Ready to experience my first BuckeyeThon this weekend!
  28. Feb 20 Just saw Aaron Craft walking on campus. #ManOfSteal
  29. Feb 27 Study? Netflix? Netflix.
  30. Mar 6 Excited to be building houses in Florida in a few days with my Buck-I-Serv group!
  31. Mar 13 The blisters. Oh, the blisters! #HammerNovice
  32. Mar 20 Shadowing a cardiologist this summer. Scooping ice cream on the side.
  33. Mar 27 My fraternity brother won an award at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum!
  34. Apr 3 Just finished a paper comparing Woodstock to Coachella. #GenEds #HistoryofRockAndRoll
  35. Apr 10 Oh. So THIS is Oval Beach. #70Degrees
  36. Apr 17 I’m running out of ways to spell Hogwarts when changing my OSU password. #Every90Days #BobGribben
  37. Apr 24 Two finals down, 67 meal blocks to go.

My First Year Was Successful Because…

So, the end of your first year at Ohio State is winding down and there are only three weeks left to go before you are no longer considered a first year student. What do you have to show for it? What have you learned? My first year was a year of growth and development. I learned more about myself in that one year than I had in all of my four years of high school and I am thankful for what I learned. After I finished my last exam of spring semester, I took some time to reflect and realized that my year was wildly successful because…

I knew my professors’ names and had personally conversed with them. Approaching professors can be intimidating and in the midst of your busy semester you wonder if it is really worth your time to get to know your professors. It is. Your professors are some of the best resources on campus. They have a wealth of knowledge and are so excited to share their ideas! Professors are here to fill our minds with more knowledge than we can imagine and want to help us grow as students.

I could go the RPAC alone. In my first semester I was afraid to go most places on campus alone because, frankly, I thought I would get lost and because I never wanted to be lonely. However, there came a time when I was ready to go places on my own time. Being confident in my ability to navigate the campus effectively and take time for myself is a skill that I am thankful I learned.

I found a major that helped me find my passion. During my first semester I changed my major, and it was one of the best decisions I made at Ohio State. Not only did I find a major that I enjoyed, but I also found a major that helped me discover ways to further develop my interests and find my true niche.

I learned how to manage my time. It was always a sad day to realize that I had 60 pages of a textbook that needed to be read before my next class. With a packed schedule of going to class, student organization meetings, papers, midterms, and napping, it is difficult to find time to accomplish everything in one day. By the end of my first year I had developed a way to schedule time to study, go to class, and nap. Figuring out how to use my time wisely made my goals attainable.

I was exhausted. By the end of my first year, I was mentally and physically exhausted. My brain hurt from the amount of knowledge I obtained and I was too tired to function from all of the late nights study sessions and life talks with my roommates. I never got much sleep, but I never regretted an extra minute of studying or conversing with people on my floor.

I found my inner Buckeye. By the end of my first year I had finally learned all of the words to Carmen Ohio and the Buckeye Battle Cry. After sitting with thousands of my friends at football games, I learned the words to the point where I could participate for each song. Cheering on the Buckeyes is a top priority and learning how to sing along made me feel more connected to other students and the University.

I wanted to come back. When my parents came to pick me up after my last final, the first thing I wanted to do was go straight back to Ohio State. My first year was so much more than I thought it would ever be and I was so thankful for the great year Ohio State gave me. Before I returned home for the summer, I already could not wait to get back to Ohio State to learn more, meet more people, and further develop the amazing friendships I had made. I fell in love with Ohio State my first year and I could not wait to return the following year to have another amazing year.                                                                                                                                                                              


14 Interesting Classes to Take in Your Second Year (and Beyond!)

I want to tell you about my favorite day of class as an undergraduate student. Let’s flash back to autumn 2009 (my third year). I started my morning in the basement of Hughes Hall with my History of Rock ‘n’ Roll class. The lecture was on “Pop Music of the 1980s”—my favorite music genre. As expected, we spent the class period exploring the glory of one-hit wonders, synthesizers, and the first music video icons. And much to my satisfaction, we spent significant time learning about the pop icon, Michael Jackson. Not only did we observe the magic moves of MJ on the large projector screen, but we learned about the impact he had on music, dance, stardom, and race in America. We explored the meaning of the feuding characters in his Beat It video, the popularity of the 13-minute Thriller video (FYI, it was played on average twice per hour on MTV), and the historic event of revealing of his signature dance move—the Moonwalk.

I was fascinated to learn the true story behind one of my all-time favorite musical artists in a college academic course. I actually enjoyed learning in this class. I also gained a new perspective on a topic that impacts my daily life more than I realized. For instance…I finally learned how I’d answer the common conversation-starter, “What kind of music do you like?” with a response other than “Everything.” And I can hold my own in a debate over which decade produced the best music. I also have a new appreciation for music and pop culture because of my deeper understanding of its history.

And here’s the kicker: this class was in no way related to my majors or career interests. I took it for a general education (GE) requirement. That’s the beauty of GE classes and electives. By taking classes outside your major or career interests, you’ll become a more well-rounded and informed individual. In fact, in my list of favorite classes I took as an undergraduate, only three of my top ten would be courses within my major.

I hope you take advantage of the variety of GE and elective options at Ohio State. Take a class that sounds interesting or just because it sounds fun. You might discover a new interest, passion, or major/minor! If you don’t know how to find these “fun” classes, never fear. I polled my Facebook friends and Twitter followers (including recent alumni and current students) about their favorite undergraduate class at Ohio State. Here are some of their most interesting responses…

  1. ARTSSCI 4870:  The Ohio State University: Its History and Its World — An introduction to the past and present of Ohio State, its importance, its disciplines, the interrelations of the academic and other components of the institution, and the contributions over the years of Ohio State to the wider world.
  2. MEDREN 2666: Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and Renaissance — A study of the history of witchcraft and magic from 400 to 1700 C.E. within sociological, religious and intellectual contexts.
  3. COMPSTD 2367.07: Religious Diversity in America — Exploration of the concept of religious freedom and the position of minority religious groups in American society.
  4. EEOB 2250: Dynamics of Dinosaurs — A review of current information on dinosaur biology, emphasizing scientific approaches to reconstructing dinosaurs as living, dynamic animals.
  5. ECON 4830: Economics of Sports — Analysis of economic and business aspects of sports teams and their strategic interactions in sports markets.
  6. FDSCTE 1110: Chocolate Science — Introduction to science and business of chocolate. Students develop and market a chocolate product as part of a virtual company. Students taste commercial products.
  7. ITALIAN 2055: Mafia Movies — Examines Italian and American mafia movies made from 1905 to the present day and traces the history of the Italian and Italian American Mafias. Taught in English.
  8. DANCE 2181: Social Dance — Learn and practice forms of social/ballroom dance, including fox trot, tango, waltz, etc.
  9.  GEOG 3900: Global Climate Change: Causes and Consequences — Examines the natural and human factors that force changes in our climate and environment and explores strategies for a sustainable environment in the future.
  10. KNSFHP 1139.11: Rock Climbing — Basic rock climbing techniques, rope handling, and safety systems will be covered.
  11. ECON 4597.01: Issues of the Underground Economy — Focuses on the informal sector of the underground economy: illegal drugs, arms sales and human trafficking. Applies economic reasoning. Prereq: Jr standing and above.
  12. EARTHSC 1108: Gemstones — General introduction to gemstones, including the origin of gems, identification techniques, and the history of important gems. Precious metals are also discussed.
  13. GERMAN 3252: The Holocaust in German Literature and Film — Reading, analysis, and discussion of representative works pertaining to the Holocaust from the perspective of German literature and film. Taught in English.
  14. COMPSTD 2367.04: Science and Technology in American Culture — Role of science and technology in contemporary American society; their relationship to human values; sources of concern about their impact; evaluation of selected issues.


Letter to First Year Me

As I approach the end of my second year, I can already see how much has changed since nearly 365 days ago. Looking at what is different now and everything I’ve learned, here’s the letter of advice I would’ve appreciated a year ago today.

“Hey Connor,

It’s me. I mean, you. Well, you get the picture. At this point in your year, you probably feel like you’ve got it all figured out. Well, I hate to break it to you, but…you don’t.

And that’s perfectly okay. With just two months left of your first year, college life as you know it will be over. You won’t have a meal plan anymore, have an excuse to see the same people every single day, and you won’t be a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first year anymore.

I’ve compiled a short list of things to keep in mind as the year draws to a close (and trust me, it will be over faster than you can imagine). Here are 5 key pieces of advice that I really could’ve used last year at this time:

1. Appreciate Residence Life (and that Meal Plan)

Since you’re one of the over 90 percent of first-year students who live on campus, you’re probably thinking, “I can’t wait to shower without shoes! My bed at home is calling my name. Ugh, I’m so annoyed with everyone.” But you need to stop. You are currently living with or among dozens of other people who are your age, going through exactly the same things. Soon, there will no longer be copious numbers of coeds at your disposal with whom to experience and share life. Have those random heart-to-hearts, stay up a few extra hours and bond with your floormates, and appreciate the on-campus experience while it lasts. Who knows, maybe the people you meet there will become you future roommates and lifelong friends. Additionally, that meal plan is so valuable and useful. Enjoy it before you run out of blocks. Seriously.

2. Take Pictures

Use your iPhone, a digital camera, a disposal camera from the CVS on High Street. Just take pictures. You’ll be glad you did later. Take one of your room in its natural state. Take one of you and the friends you sit around doing nothing with every single day. Maybe even take a selfie on the Oval (we’ve all done it). Screenshot the Snapchats, upload the Instagrams, and capture every moment. It’s great to show friends and family back home and also to be able to look back and remember the normal moments of your first year.

3. Go To Everything

My main regret from my first year was failing to go to the various free or discounted events held on campus or even utilizing all that was available to me. Stop stressing over an exam (which, let’s face it – “midterm season” is anytime between weeks 5 -13) or roommate drama or and do something. Take your friends on a spontaneous trip to Jeni’s in the Short North. Go to the OUAB Spring Concert. Go to a club meeting. Leave your bedroom/the library/the Union and experience all that Ohio State and Columbus have to offer.

4. Breathe

Stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath in… now breathe out. Repeat. Connor, stop stressing so much about everything. You’re going to pass your finals (yes, even the Biology one. I promise!). You’re going to stay in touch with all of your friends over the summer. You’re going to be okay. Your first year has been a whirlwind, but there’s still two whole months to spare. Spring break will be an amazing time to reflect and look back at all you’ve accomplished. What else do you want to do? Is it too late to register for a May term course? Are there any friends you want to spend time with before summer break? Just don’t panic. It’s not worth it. There’s still time, you’re still there, and you’ll be fine. You’ll be more than fine. Your first year will end like a wonderful finale.

5. Be Open

This is your first year of college. This is your time to be open to new experiences, people, and most importantly, yourself. Be open to vulnerability and trust that girl who lives down the hall. Be open to accepting that you failed that midterm, but that it won’t determine your entire grade. Be open to eating at Mirror Lake Creamery instead of Morrill Traditions. Be open to happiness, losing, making mistakes, trusting a friend, losing a friend, falling in love, changing your major, or becoming the person you’re meant to be. You only get one first year. Live it to the fullest.

With all the love and luck in the world,